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Id Country Host Ikev2 Host LT2P Host OpenVPN File Icon City
1 United State us1.ghostisp.org us1.ghostisp.org us1.ghostisp.org Download Texas
2 United State 2 us2.ghostisp.org us2.ghostisp.org us2.ghostisp.org Download Los Angeles
3 United State 3 us3.ghostisp.org us3.ghostisp.org us3.ghostisp.org Download New York
4 Canada ca1.ghostisp.org ca1.ghostisp.org ca1.ghostisp.org Download Toronto
5 Germany de1.ghostisp.org de1.ghostisp.org de1.ghostisp.org Download Frankfurt
6 Romania ro1.ghostisp.org ro1.ghostisp.org ro1.ghostisp.org Download Bucuresti
7 Finland fi1.ghostisp.org fi1.ghostisp.org fi1.ghostisp.org Download Helsinki
8 Ukraine ua1.ghostisp.org ua1.ghostisp.org ua1.ghostisp.org Download Kyiv
9 Czechia cz1.ghostisp.org cz1.ghostisp.org cz1.ghostisp.org Download Prague
10 Israel il1.ghostisp.org il1.ghostisp.org il1.ghostisp.org Download Tel Aviv
11 Hungary hu1.ghostisp.org hu1.ghostisp.org hu1.ghostisp.org Download Budapest
12 Bulgaria bg1.ghostisp.org bg1.ghostisp.org bg1.ghostisp.org Download Sofia
13 Portugal pt1.ghostisp.org pt1.ghostisp.org pt1.ghostisp.org Download Lisboa
14 Unired Kingdom gb1.ghostisp.org gb1.ghostisp.org gb1.ghostisp.org Download London
15 Russia ru1.ghostisp.org ru1.ghostisp.org ru1.ghostisp.org Download Moscow
16 Latvia lv1.ghostisp.org lv1.ghostisp.org lv1.ghostisp.org Download Riga
17 Turkey tr1.ghostisp.org tr1.ghostisp.org tr1.ghostisp.org Download Istanbul
18 Poland pl1.ghostisp.org pl1.ghostisp.org pl1.ghostisp.org Download Warsaw
19 Moldova md1.ghostisp.org md1.ghostisp.org md1.ghostisp.org Download Chisinau
20 Slovakia sk1.ghostisp.org sk1.ghostisp.org sk1.ghostisp.org Download Bratislava
21 Hong Kong hk1.ghostisp.org hk1.ghostisp.org hk1.ghostisp.org Download Chai Wan
22 Italy it1.ghostisp.org it1.ghostisp.org it1.ghostisp.org Download Palermo
23 Spain es1.ghostisp.org es1.ghostisp.org es1.ghostisp.org Download Madrid
24 France fr1.ghostisp.org fr1.ghostisp.org fr1.ghostisp.org Download Roubaix
25 United Arab Emirates ae1.ghostisp.org ae1.ghostisp.org ae1.ghostisp.org Download Al Fujayrah
26 Singapore sg1.ghostisp.org sg1.ghostisp.org sg1.ghostisp.org Download Singapore
27 Australia au1.ghostisp.org au1.ghostisp.org au1.ghostisp.org Download Rockhampton
28 Sweden se1.ghostisp.org se1.ghostisp.org se1.ghostisp.org Download Stockholm
29 Cyprus cy1.ghostisp.org cy1.ghostisp.org cy1.ghostisp.org Download Limassol
30 United Kingdom 2 uk1.ghostisp.org uk1.ghostisp.org uk1.ghostisp.org Download London
31 Germany 2 de2.ghostisp.org de2.ghostisp.org de2.ghostisp.org Download Frankfurt
32 Switzerland ch1.ghostisp.org ch1.ghostisp.org ch1.ghostisp.org Download Bern
33 Netherlands 2 nl2.ghostisp.org nl2.ghostisp.org nl2.ghostisp.org Download Meppel
34 Kazakhstan kz1.ghostisp.org kz1.ghostisp.org kz1.ghostisp.org Download Almaty
35 Ireland ie1.ghostisp.org ie1.ghostisp.org ie1.ghostisp.org Download Dublin
36 India in1.ghostisp.org in1.ghostisp.org in1.ghostisp.org Download India
37 Netherlands nl1.ghostisp.org nl1.ghostisp.org nl1.ghostisp.org Download Meppel
38 Bulgaria 2 bg2.ghostisp.org bg2.ghostisp.org bg2.ghostisp.org Download Sofia
39 Dedicate IP Singapore dedi437.ghostisp.org dedi437.ghostisp.org dedi437.ghostisp.org Download Singapore
40 United States of America us4.ghostisp.org us4.ghostisp.org us4.ghostisp.org Download New York
41 United States of America2 us5.ghostisp.org us5.ghostisp.org us5.ghostisp.org Download New York
42 India in2.ghostisp.org in2.ghostisp.org in2.ghostisp.org Download Bangalore
43 United States of America 6 us6.ghostisp.org us6.ghostisp.org us6.ghostisp.org Download New York
44 United States of America us7.ghostisp.org us7.ghostisp.org us7.ghostisp.org Download New York
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