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No restrictions VPN

Surf web with no restrictions VPN

Our VPN service removes all restrictions, so you can explore the internet with no restrictions VPN.

Say goodbye to censorship and geo-restrictions. Our VPN gives you access to the entire internet, no matter where you are.

No restrictions
No restrictions

Browse privately

Keep your online activities private and secure with our advanced encryption. Your data is safe from prying eyes, so you can surf with peace of mind.

no restrictions

Connect anywhere

Access the internet from any location, whether you're at home, on the go, or traveling abroad. Our global network of servers has you covered.

Zero restrictions

Unlock the full potential of the internet. Our VPN has no limits on bandwidth, speed, or multiple devices and enjoy a reliable, high-speed connection 24/7.

Unlock the internet with our unrestricted VPN

Experience the freedom to browse, stream, and connect from anywhere.

What is a No Restrictions VPN?

No restrictions VPN

No Restrictions VPN is a CoverMeVPN feature that allows you to access any content around the world without restrictions. If you want to access restricted networks like the school’s firewall or internet provider with our no restrictions VPN, you can easily bypass them.

This feature will give you a list of the best servers under network restrictions like geo-restriction or government censorship. You can choose the closest one from your location.

FAQs about No Restrictions VPN

The connection with CoverMeVPN is pretty reliable and fast. The speeds are impressive, and users rarely experience any slowdowns or interruptions. It’s just really convenient to have that extra layer of security and privacy when browsing the web or streaming content. The best part is, it’s super easy to set up and use – you just download the app, connect, and you’re good to go.

CoverMeVPN offers over 3,000 servers across more than 140 countries with their no restrictions VPN. This expansive network of servers provides users with a wide range of location choices to connect to, ensuring they can access content and services from around the globe. In addition to the 3,000+ server locations, the no restrictions VPN plan also includes 6 dedicated servers, giving users even more flexibility and control over their VPN connections. With this comprehensive server infrastructure and the no restrictions feature, CoverMeVPN users can enjoy unrestricted access to the internet without any limitations.

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