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VPN Service

The CoverMeVPN Guarantee

Try CoverMeVPN with no risk! If you’re not satisfied, you’ll receive a full refund within 7 days. We make switching VPN providers easy. Plus, you can get in touch with our customer service team 24/7. To learn more, please read the CoverMeVPN refund policy and get your money back if you’re not satisfied.

What is a VPN Service and How do I use it?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) makes a secure connection between a network and a device or two networks over the internet. It encrypts and hides your data from third parties, like internet service providers, governments, hackers, or cyber criminals.

It also lets you access content from other regions by switching your location. The best VPN 2024 works by sending traffic through a VPN server that gives you a different IP address. A VPN makes your online activities untraceable.

CoverMeVPN is the best VPN service in 2024. The best VPN 2024 can protect you from unsafe WiFi hotspots by creating a secure tunnel between your device and the network. CoverMeVPN can be used for various purposes, such as remote work, torrenting, private browsing, or censorship bypass.

VPN Service

Sign up for CoverMeVPN

Visit Client Area and Sign up for CoverMeVPN. Choose the plan that’s right for you. Our plans are affordable and covered by a 7-day money-back guarantee with 24×7 great support.

VPN service

Download VPN App

You will receive an invitation to download the app on your device as soon as you sign up. Getting the app on your other devices is just as simple. Just visit our site, Google Play, and Apple Store.

VPN Service

Connect to VPN Server Location

Getting started with our service is super easy. Just tap On Button and enjoy. We’ll connect you to the best location. Or choose any from our global network of servers.

Why CoverMeVPN?

VPN Service

Stay safe online

With CoverMeVPN, your devices won't catch any nasty malware, and you can browse the internet without worrying about anyone spying on you. Your data is encrypted so well that even the most powerful computer on earth would take billions of years to crack it. That's how safe it is!

VPN Service

Ensure uninterrupted browsing

We get it—you're into browsing the web, playing games, and watching videos. And you know what? With CoverMeVPN, you can count on the fastest VPN connection possible. Our modern VPN protocols and fast servers worldwide let you enjoy unlimited data with no interruptions.

VPN Service

Protect personal data

Secure your online privacy with CoverMeVPN. We are not spying on your online activities due to our no logs policy. Connect to dedicated VPN servers for more privacy features. It will encrypt your data, change your IP to a dedicated IP, and ensure your personal data is 100% safe with us.

VPN Service

Enjoy fast and stable connection anywhere

Imagine VPN as a secure, encrypted tunnel for online traffic to flow. Nobody can see through the tunnel and get their hands on your internet data. Covermevpn gives you peace of mind each time you use public Wi-Fi, access personal and work accounts on the road, or want to keep your browsing history to yourself.

Our VPN Service Features

Covermevpn is trusted by over 1 million forward thinking customers worldwide.


Fastest VPN Service

Enjoy the fast speed and unlimited bandwidth. Browse, stream, and download now risk-free.

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Unlimited Servers Switching

Unlimited Servers switching allows you to switch to different servers in different countries.

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5 Simultaneous Connections

You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously in one household to the VPN at once.

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No Logs Policy

You get a no-logs policy, so no latency when streaming Netflix, playing games, or downloading torrents.

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Military grade VPN encryption

Use 256-bit military grade encryption to stay safe and secure your data.

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Great Support

Professionals are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with instant email responses and live chat.

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No restrictions VPN

No restrictions is a CoverMeVPN feature that lets you to use our VPN through network restrictions.

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3000+ Servers

Connect to 3000+ active VPN servers with PPTP, L2TP, IKEV2, SSTP, TCP, or UDP VPN protocol.

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Advantages and benefits of a VPN

Change location

When you use a VPN, it changes your IP address, the unique number that identifies you and where you are in the world. Getting a new IP address makes it tougher to figure out who you are and where you’re really located. With CoverMeVPN, you can make it look like you’re in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, or any of 140 countries.

VPN Service
VPN service

Protect privacy

Using a VPN to change your IP address helps keep your identity hidden from websites, apps, and services that want to track you. A trustworthy VPN also stops your internet provider, mobile operator, hackers, snooping government agencies, and anyone else from seeing your online activity by encrypting it with solid encryption.

Increase security

A VPN protects against various security threats, such as packet sniffing, untrusted Wi-Fi networks, and man-in-the-middle attacks. It’s a vital tool for travelers, remote workers, and anyone using public Wi-Fi, ensuring their online activities remain private and secure, even on networks that aren’t loyal.

VPN Service
VPN Service

Built App That Everyone Love Get Your Application

CovermeVPN is a great solution for people who want to protect their online activities from different types of malicious users. It encrypts your internet traffic using 256-bit AES encryption which makes it completely safe.

Total 3k+ Servers in 140 Counties

These speed excellent. It’s a fast connection safety Internet leading speeds across its network.



24 Cities


39 Cities


41 Cities


17 Cities


47 Cities


33 Cities


2 Cities

Customers Feedback

These speeds are excellent. It’s rare that a CoverMeVPN fast connection
speeds across its network.

FAQs about VPN

Choosing a VPN service is all about trust. It’s the most critical quality to consider. A trustworthy VPN provider should possess the following qualities:

  • Committed to Internet privacy and freedom

  • Has a transparent privacy policy

  • Avoids storing personal data in its systems

  • Has been audited independently

Consider what features you need from a VPN. These features include VPN server locations, device compatibility, and unlimited bandwidth.

Yes, a VPN is legal to use in most countries around the world. A VPN protect private data and online activity. This includes countries with highly strict governments. Although VPN use is discouraged by many governments, many officials, academics, and business people do it anyway. Staying competitive in a connected world means doing this. It’s impossible to ban all VPNs. Even so, illegal online activity is illegal, no matter what VPN you choose.

Yes, CoverMeVPN is suitable for travelling. When using an unsecured wireless network, send your data through an encrypted VPN tunnel. Plus, you’ll have access to all the content you’re used to. Be sure to download the apps and get your subscription before you go — if you’re visiting a country with stricter rules, they might not be available.

Free VPNs can’t match paid VPN features and services. Some free VPNs keep and sell user data. Free VPNs usually have slow connections due to suboptimal networks. They also have no customer support, weak security, and few VPN server locations.

As a premium VPN provider, CoverMeVPN offers connections optimized for speed, security, and stability. In addition, it offers a wide selection of server locations in 140 countries around the world. You’ll also get 24/7 support from our dedicated Support Team. Still uncertain? You can try our services and get a full refund within 7 days of purchase if you’re not satisfied.

Free VPNs can slow down your connection, but you might not notice a difference if you use CoverMeVPN because its speeds are among the fastest in the industry. VPNs can improve your connection if your ISP throttles your traffic. Anyhow, if your connection slows down, try selecting a server location closer to you.

All apps, including VPNs, consume power on your device. That’s why CoverMeVPN developed Lightway, our exclusive, custom-built encrypted VPN protocol. Lightway uses significantly less battery than other VPN protocols. Additionally, it is faster and easier to maintain and audit.

On public Wi-Fi networks, a VPN can be a great way to keep your online banking safe. Because some financial institutions won’t let you sign in to your bank or PayPal account if you appear to be coming from somewhere unexpected, connecting to your home country before you log in will save you from getting locked out.

No matter how much you use CoverMeVPN, we recommend keeping it on when your device is connected to the internet. Your privacy is always secure when you leave the app running in the background.

With CoverMeVPN, you’ll never have to worry about your internet provider, Wi-Fi operators, or other third parties seeing what you’re doing. We don’t log activity or connections, and we don’t store any data on any server with our revolutionary Trusted Server technology. In short, no specific network activity or behavior can be traced back to CoverMeVPN users.

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