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Dedicated IP VPN – Secure & Fast Connections

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Dedicated IP VPN

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Dedicated IP VPN

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Sign up for CoverMeVPN and choose any Dedicated IP package. All of the plans are affordably priced, so you can choose whichever one suits your needs best.

Dedicated IP VPN

Get a Dedicated IP VPN

Choose one of the six dedicated IP locations that best suits your location and needs. The six locations are the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, and the UK.

Dedicated IP VPN

Connect & Browse Safely

Keep yourself safe from online risks and snoops by hiding your IP with static IP while you’re browsing the web. Stay protected and browse without any worries!

What is a dedicated IP VPN?

A dedicated IP VPN has a static IP address that is only yours. Most VPN users share the IP address of the VPN server they connect. CoverMeVPN lets you choose one. That means you get all the VPN benefits with just one unique IP that stays the same every time you click. If you get a VPN subscription with a dedicated IP, it encrypts your connection, routes it through a remote server, and gives you a unique IP address.

Dedicated IP VPN Benefits

Secure access to workplace computers

Dedicated IP addresses are perfect for accessing sensitive systems safely. Administrators can approve a list of IP addresses, preventing unauthorized access to corporate remote access systems or private servers.

Convenient online banking

Using a VPN for online banking could cause disruptions as it may appear suspicious to the bank. Opting for a dedicated IP could help you avoid repetitive verification procedures while maintaining security.

Avoid getting blocked

Using a shared IP while using a VPN can restrict your access to certain websites or, worse, get you blocked due to other users' actions. Opt for a VPN with dedicated IP and port forwarding to avoid these issues.

Get rid of the CAPTCHAs

Using a shared IP address often requires CAPTCHA authentication, causing interruptions and making browsing difficult. However, a dedicated IP VPN ensures uninterrupted access to your online accounts.

Dedicated IP VPN Locations

Why Buy Dedicated IP VPN?

A static IP VPN service provides better web security, faster speeds, and less traffic.

Prevent ISP Throttling

Get FastestVPN, the cheapest and best dedicated IP VPN, to avoid ISP throttling and protect yourself online from malware and other intrusions.

Secure Transactions Online

Using multiple IPs to access your bank accounts can be seen as suspicious. Use a dedicated IP VPN for a safer and greater experience.

Secure and Easy Browsing

A dedicated IP VPN boosts online browsing speed and accessibility and eliminates verification hassles when streaming or browsing.

Avoid getting IP blocklisted

Using a VPN with dedicated IP will prevent your IP from being blocked by other users abusing internet privileges on the same IP as yours.

buy dedicated ip VPN

Stay Protected with CoverMeVPN

FAQs About Dedicated IP VPN

So, a dedicated IP address means you get your unique IP address. When you use a VPN server, you usually share an IP address with other users, which can be good sometimes but also has some hidden risks. Also, if you have a dedicated IP address for your website hosting, you can access your site without logging in using your domain name.

If you’re a VPN user, it’s a good idea to go for a static IP address as it offers more reliable connections over longer periods. If you want to have a better experience, it’s worth considering buying a dedicated IP VPN.

You can grab a dedicated IP VPN for only €13/month on top of your CoverMeVPN subscription. See all dedicated IP VPN costs and select one that fits your needs.

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