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Windows OpenVPN Setup Guide

Windows OpenVPN Setup Tutorial

Windows OpenVPN setup with CoverMeVPN is an excellent way to enhance your online security and privacy. This guide will take you through the simple steps to set up OpenVPN on your Windows device. This will help keep your internet traffic encrypted and secure. Whether you want to protect your data on public Wi-Fi, access geo-restricted content, or ensure privacy while browsing, this setup with CoverMeVPN will give you a safe and private internet experience. Just follow along to get started with OpenVPN on Windows.

Windows OpenVPN Setup - Step 01

Download and install the OpenVPN software from Make sure to allow the TAP drivers to install when you receive the pop-up later on during the installation.

Windows OpenVPN Setup

Windows OpenVPN Setup - Step 02

Download the covermevpn’s configuration files that is applicable to your subscription as below links:

  • Dynamic VPN Configuration file.
  • For Dedicated VPN unique IP has been sent to you with VPN account details after your payments.
  • Then go to your Downloads folder and unzip the ovpn (for Example, it may differ). It contains single sample host/server (here it’s Italy1.ovpn)

Note: it contains README.txt with help of it you can replace other servers from server list link inside and modify .ovpn as per need

Once the files are extracted, please move your desired .ovpn server files to your OpenVPN config folder at (C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config).

Windows OpenVPN Setup

Windows OpenVPN Setup - Step 03

Run the OpenVPN GUI as Administrator by right clicking the OpenVPN GUI shortcut and clicking ‘Run as administrator’.

Windows OpenVPN Setup

Windows OpenVPN Setup - Step 04

Right click the OpenVPN status icon on the bottom right of your taskbar to open the OpenVPN GUI menu.

Windows OpenVPN Setup

Windows OpenVPN Setup - Step 05

Choose and connect to a server by hovering over the server and clicking the connect option that appears in the menu to the right.

Windows OpenVPN Setup

Windows OpenVPN Setup - Step 06

Enter your covermevpn username and password when prompted and click OK.

You should now be connected. If you run into any issues please contact support though our support center.

You can view that you are connected by right clicking the OpenVPN GUI status icon in the bottom right of our taskbar and seeing that there is a check mark next to the server you connected to.

Windows OpenVPN Setup
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