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Windows Vista PPTP

Windows Vista L2TP VPN Setup

Step 01.

Click on the Start button and click “Control Panels”. This opens up the “Control Panel Home.”

Step 02.

Click on the “Network and Internet” control panel.

Step 03.

Under “Network and Sharing Center” Click on “Connect to a network.”

Step 04.

For creating new VPN connection, Click on “Set up a connection or network.”

Step 05.

Click on “Connect to a workplace” then click “Next.”

Step 06.

Click “Use my Internet connection (VPN).”

Step 07.

Enter the server information (Host IP).

For the ‘Server address’ field, fill in the server IP from our Dynamic VPN and Chines list or Mini Dynamic  (dedicated VPN check our mail to you) according to your purchased package that you would like to connect.

Internet address: “Insert IP”

Destination Name: covermevpn

Step 08.

You should see this screen next. Click the “Connect Now” button to go online.

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