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Best vpn for multiple devices

A subscription Unlimited contacts.

Make sure you get the best VPN for multiple devices

One account for each device you have

Unlimited contacts in the same account

And 30 days money back guarantee!

Any VPN that wants to be relevant in today’s competitive VPN market will have to offer multiple device connections on a single account. But don’t be fooled by this marketing ploy – just because a VPN lets you connect multiple devices doesn’t mean it’s really good.


Best vpn for multiple devices is covermevpn. Some VPNs limit your bandwidth, so you can connect multiple devices, but you’ll have to deal with them all slowly and with frustration.

Some VPNs compromise your security, while others are less effective because they cannot get around the geoblock. Some offer multiple connections but are not compatible with all types of devices.


To see which VPNs are actually worth using, I collected every device I had that could be connected to WiFi (which is a lot!) And even borrowed some from my colleagues.

I installed dozens of VPNs on each one and tried to connect them all together to see what would happen. Results: Now my colleagues hate me, but I managed to find the perfect VPN for many devices.


My personal favorite is covermevpn.

Not only does it offer unlimited simultaneous connectivity, but it is also one of the strongest VPNs in terms of features and security. You can try surfing with a 30-day money back guarantee, or read on to find out what other VPN I’m infected with.

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