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Mirai Botnet Attack

Mirai Botnet Attack – What is it? How its work? How to be safe from it?

Did you know that there’s a virus called the Mirai botnet that looks for unprotected smart devices on the internet? Table of Contents The Mirai botnet basically looks for smart devices that are not protected, takes control of

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Black Friday VPN Deal

The Best VPN Black Friday Deals in 2023 – Get up to 60%

Black Friday, the biggest shopping event of this year, is simply getting ever closer, and if you’re searching for Black Friday VPN deals, then you have come to the right place. Black Friday is the perfect time to

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Setup a VPN on Router

How to Setup a VPN on Router?

Do you want your VPN to cover enough devices with one subscription like WiFi? Do you want to use your VPN on smart TV but don’t know how? Do you want to block your ISP from monitoring your

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DNS Server

What Is DNS Server and How Does It Work?

A DNS server helps to access the internet. It means a user access the website and online services without facing the complex strings of numbers. It is a hierarchical structure of name resolution. The DNS server is the

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Snapchat unblocked

The Best VPN to Get Snapchat unblocked

The explosive growth of Snapchat has not been without its drawbacks. To ensure that students and workers concentrate on their work, many schools, colleges, and businesses now block Snapchat, while entire nations like China, Iran, and sections of

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Network Security Key

3 Ways to Find Network Security Key

Network Security Key is a technical name for a Wi-Fi password. It is the login information that protects your network and internet connection. You need to create your network security key when you are setting up your wireless

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Types of Malware

Top 15 Types of Malware to Know

Malware is a term that refers to malicious software, which is any program or code that can harm or compromise a laptop system or network. Malware can have several goals, such as stealing data, disrupting operations, extorting money,

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Best VPN For PS5

The Best VPN For PS5 in 2024

PlayStation is one of the most trending and famous gaming devices ever. Coming home to your PS5 and snuggling on your soft with your rear on, has to be the best stress reliever. However, this amazing feeling can

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