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The world population now is mostly dependent on the internet medium for making their life more easier and convenient. But, hackers and snoopers can steal information and can take advantage of it. So, taking internet safety precautions is necessary for internet users. So,Today’s blog is about the best VPN for Azerbaijan. But, before then, we will know whether VPN is legal in Azerbaijan or not. The most common VPN protocols are explained to you. This will help you to understand which VPN is highly secured for you and which one is not. 

At first, All over the world, the number of VPN users is on the rise. The VPN users are using VPN not only for privacy, rather they are exploring many benefits of using a VPN. Sometimes, people go for the free VPN service option. Solid differences between paid and free VPNs are presented in this blog for you.

VPN Service 

VPN service is needed for making one’s online footprint secure. It helps in disguising real IP addresses and preventing other parties from watching the users’ online history. So, it is a medium for making one’s online journey safe.So, For getting the best online security in Azerbaijan, you need to look for the best VPN for Azerbaijan. 

Comparison between paid and free VPN

Every VPN service has different benefits. Paid VPN offers many benefits for the users while free VPN provides limited services. Here, in the following table, the pad and free VPN comparison are provided.  

Paid VPN  Free VPN 
Good coverage of servers.  It offers limited location coverage. 
Paid VPN offers a new IP address.  It also offers a new IP address. 
The VPN connection is stable.  The VPN connection is not stable
Paid VPN provides the most secured data encryption.  You will not get a guarantee of secured data encryption. 
It uses safe protocols like IKEV2, OVPN, IPSEC, etc.  It may lack a secure VPN.  
Mostly, it has 256-bit encryption for securing data.  In most cases, it uses PPTP which has 128-bit encryption for securing data.  
In most cases, paid VPN keeps unlimited bandwidth opportunities.  Free VPNs do not give unlimited bandwidth opportunities. 
You can get the opportunity of having a dedicated IP address.  No, dedicated IP address opportunity. 
Options for choosing IP address and switching IP address as per the needs and wish.  There is no option for choosing an IP address. 
A paid VPN user can enjoy multiple simultaneous connections.  Free VPN users can get a single connection at a time. 
Most paid companies provide 24 hours, 7 days customer service.  You will not get any customer service when you are taking service from a free VPN provider. 
Reliable paid VPN service providers to give  confirmation that it has a zero log policy for the users.  But Free VPN providers keep the log information of the users. 
It has specialty servers for the users.  It does not have any special server for the users. 
Needed by every online privacy seeker.  Suitable for those who do not need regular VPN use. 


Here analyzing the free and paid VPN’s benefit features, you can now decide which VPN can serve your interest best. Now, let’s know the brief answer to the following two critical questions about the free and paid VPN. 

Should I use a VPN for free? 

Free VPNs are the VPNs, for which a user does not need to pay. It is totally cost of any money for the users. But, a free VPN has some cons that discourage users to use the free VPN. But, it has some offerings that can benefit a person where he or she does not need to pay for the VPN service. 

Should I use a free VPN?

Yes, you can use a free VPN. It is a good option for people who are occasional VPN users. If you need a VPN service occasionally, you can use a free VPN. Moreover, if you don’t have any online privacy concerns, you can use the VPN service. For enjoying limited VPN service without incurring any cost, the free VPN is the best option. 

Why do I need to choose a paid VPN over a free VPN? 

You need to use a paid VPN, because a free VPN may not provide solutions to your problems. From the above-mentioned table analysis, you may get an idea of why you need to have a paid VPN service over a free VPN service. 

Paid VPN is secured compared with a free VPN. Moreover, a free VPN will not be able to unblock geo-restrictions. So, if you want to access geo-blocked sites, you need to use a paid VPN service. Among the paid VPN services available in Azerbaijan, I think CovermeVPN is the best VPN for Azerbaijan. Now, we will know about the VPN protocols that are used for the encryption of the users’ data. 

Most common VPN protocols 

There are many VPN protocols available for data encryption. But, here, the article presents the most well-known protocols for you. Most VPN service providers have these VPN protocols. Before knowing about the five common VPN protocols, we will know about what is a VPN protocol is and how it helps the VPN service providers. 

What is a VPN protocol? 

Basically, VPN protocols are the tools that help the VPN service provider in determining the ways how exactly data is routed through a VPN connection. Though,VPN protocols vary from one to another. These VPN protocols have different benefits compared with different circumstances. 

Based on the desired benefits, the VPN service provider decides which protocols they are going to use for their customers. For instance, there are some protocols that have been developed by giving priority to internet speed. Whereas some protocols give importance to data privacy and security. So, now, let’s explore the most common 5 VPN protocols.  

  1. PPTP 

PPTP stands for Point-to-point Tunneling Protocol. The VPN is among the oldest VPN protocols available.

Microsoft developed the VPN protocols. It was the mid-90s when the protocol was developed. The VPN was developed for dial-up connections. Now, technology has been developed much more from the 90s. At this time, with the application of advanced technologies, the encryption system becomes cracked as soon as possible. A cracking encryption system denotes that it is compromising security. 

So, PPTP is a less secure VPN protocol compared with the other modern VPNs. It has to lack many security features. As it does not have many security features, it can provide good connection speed. It need not compromise its connection speed due to modern VPN protocols’ heavy encryption system. Many free VPN service providers use PPTP protocols. The paid, reliable VPN service provider now uses more secure VPN protocols. 

TL; DR: Good for speeds, but not reliable for security. 

  1. IKEV2

IKEV2 stands for Internet Key Exchange Version 2. It is a well-known VPN protocol in the world. Today many VPN service providers are dependent on these protocols. It is a reliable protocol for security. It works better for fixing connections for temporary connection loss. And it excels when a user switches from one network connection to another network connection. 

TL;DR: Compatible with the mobile, the capability of network switching. 

  1. L2TP/IPsec 

L2TP stands for Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol and is currently the most renowned. It is an alternative solution to the PPTP protocol. L2TP itself does not provide any security and privacy. It is used in pairs with IPsec protocols. Together, the implementation of the protocol gives the best security. And CovermeVPN has the implementation of L2TP and PPTP protocols. The best VPN for Azerbaijan has the L2TP VPN protocol. 

TL;DR: Is mobile-friendly and gives the highest level of security. 

  1. SSTP 

SSTP stands for Secured Socket Tunneling Protocols. It is a widely used protocol. It is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems. That’s why its popularity is higher. SSTP can utilize 2048-bit SSL for certificates. And it can utilize 256-bit for encryption. It is a Microsoft-developed protocol. Its biggest drawback is that developers can not detect its underlying code. 

TL;DR: Highly used across the world. Able to maintain good speed. 

  1. OpenVPN 

It is an open-source protocol. Developers can easily access its underlying codes. It is popular because of its AES 256-bit key encryption with 2048-bit RSA authentication. And it has a 160-bit SHA1 algorithm. 

TL;DR: open source. Highly secured. Can slow the internet speed. 

Trusted best VPN for Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a country where you may face difficulty in enjoying different streaming services due to geo-restrictions. You may look for the trusted best VPN for Azerbaijan. Here, I would recommend CovermeVPN as the best VPN for Azerbaijan. 

Best VPN Azerbaijan – review of CovermeVPN 

  • Best VPN for security. CovermeVPN has protocols like OpenVPN, IPsec, L2TP, etc. It avoided using a less secure VPN protocol – PPTP. So, the VPN service provider gives the best security to its users. It is the best VPN for Azerbaijan. 
  • CovermeVPN is able to maintain a good speed. The VPN service is compatible with multiple devices. So, it is able to maintain good speed across multiple devices. 
  • On top of that, If you take service from CovermeVPN, it will allow you five simultaneous connections. So, you can freely use up to five devices through your VPN service. 
  • The VPN is secured for you. Because it uses the most secure protocols and keeps no log policy. Its terms and conditions are quite clear for you. 
  • It charges a reasonable price and does not give any false promise. You can enjoy dedicated IP if you take premium service where you can use the features of the shared IP services. 
  • Besides this, The VPN has wide coverage comparable to its competitors available in Azerbaijan. So, it is the best VPN for CovermeVPN

You, as a wise internet user, need a VPN service for online privacy. The article also presented different types of VPN protocols so that you can get an idea of the VPN protocols provided by your service provider. You have seen the review of the best VPN for Azerbaijan. Now, you can decide why you need to use a VPN service and which VPN is perfect for you

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