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Bhutan is attractive to many tourists. Or, simply a beautiful country for traveling. Are you currently planning to visit Bhutan or stay in Bhutan? The country with its natural beauty is a great destination for the tourist.  Make your Bhutan’s day more happier and fantastic with a VPN service. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. 

A VPN service can be a great tool for improving your online service in Bhutan. In Bhutan, internet censorship laws are not much restricted. The Bhutan government states that the country has not banned content and access to websites. But, evidence found that the country has blocked several sites, and content occasionally. 

Despite the flexible internet censorship laws in Bhutan, there are many reasons why you need a VPN service in Bhutan. First, we will have a view on whether is it legal to use a VPN in Bhutan. Then, we will know about the reasons why you should use a VPN in Bhutan. Then, you see the review of the best VPN for Bhutan based on speed, security, and unlocking geo-restrictions. 

Is it legal to use a VPN in Bhutan? 

Yes, The use of a VPN in Bhutan is completely legal. You will not have to face any legal actions due to only using a VPN service in Bhutan. The Bhutan government has no restrictive laws on the use of a VPN service in Bhutan. People from abroad and the country, are freely using the VPN service. 

Although the Bhutanese government is not much strict on internet browsing. But, it still blocks content that goes against its culture. Moreover, tourists from different countries such as the USA, UK, Europe, etc. will not able to enjoy the streaming shows while staying in Bhutan. Bhutan is very strict with its rules and regulations. They expect everyone will respect their culture. 

As a foreigner or a native citizen, you must not do any criminal act by using a VPN service. Try the best VPN for Bhutan for getting the IP address inside and outside of Bhutan. CovermeVPN is a well-known reliable VPN service that always encourages its users to utilize the valid uses of the VPN service. 

Is it safe to use a VPN service? 

Sometimes, you may have heard that the use of a VPN service is risky. Your concern is not unreasonable. There are many reasons for which you may need to be concerned about your VPN service use. If you take a VPN service from any unreliable service provider, it may hamper your security. Free VPN services are much riskier. So, try to avoid using any free VPN service if you are a privacy seeker person. 

An unreliable VPN service can store your log information and then can take advantage of that stored information. It can give access to that information to any third party. Moreover, using less secured VPN protocols such as PPTP can also create risks for you. Your encrypted data can be retrieved by hackers if your service provider uses PPTP protocols. 

To avoid these risky issues while usign a VPN service, you need to find out the best VPN based on speed and security. A reliable VPN service provider can give you the best service where it will ensure your security first. For example, the best VPN for Bhutan – CovermeVPN is a reliable VPN service for you not only in Bhutan. But you can also use it across the world where you will get the best security features. CovermeVPN has OpenVPN, IPSEC, IKEV2, etc. which are considered the best-secured protocols for data encryption. So, you can CovermeVPN if you want to get the security of your VPN use. Moreover, the best VPN service does not keep logs of information of the users. 

Why should I need a VPN service in Bhutan? 

Bhutan is an example of a peaceful country in the world. Here, internet censorship laws are not much strict. But the government is strict about pornography sites and anti-social sites. Despite internet flexible censorship laws, there are other reasons for which you should consider using a VPN service whether you are a native citizen of Bhutan or a tourist. The following factors will tell you why you should use a VPN service in Bhutan. Then we will review the best VPN for Bhutan. 

Reasons for choosing a VPN service

  • The world’s well-known streaming services are geo-location based. So, if you want to enjoy streaming services such as HBO, Netflix US, and BBC iPlayer from Bhutan, it would not be feasible. But it is feasible to watch these streaming services from Bhutan by using a VPN. A VPN by altering your server location can provide your preferred server location. Try the best VPN for Bhutan that will help you to enjoy these streaming services from Bhutan. 
  • In a remote work environment, ensuring the privacy and security of the company’s important documents is necessary. VPN can helps the employees and the companies to securely connect to the company’s network. If your company has multiple offices and needs a centered connection use the site-site-VPN service. Tourists traveling from other countries to Bhutan need to use a VPN for the company’s privacy and to access the files from Bhutan or anywhere. 
  • Who does not expect to keep their private sensitive information out of the reach of any third party? You may not love others can watch your internet history. To avoid any party’s observation of your online activities, you must use a VPN service. It will protect your online history from extraction by others. 
  • Using public is much more common in traveling time. Who wants to be tensed while traveling because of their online privacy? As a responsive person, you won’t want your data to be reached by any third party. To use public Wi-Fi responsively by maintaining adequate privacy, you can use a VPN service. Use CovermeVPN, the best VPN for Bhutan to secure your online privacy. 
  • Your profession may require you to use a VPN service. For instance, suppose you are a digital marketer providing services across the world. Try the best VPN for Bhutan to provide digital marketing services from Bhutan and enrich your professional work. 

Best VPN for Bhutan – Best VPN review 

Finally, now will review the best VPN for Bhutan. Here, the best VPN for Bhutan has been selected by reviewing the different service features of some VPN service providers. In determining the best VPN for Bhutan, the factors such as speed, simultaneous connection, server location, security, price, etc. are considered. The VPN services you are going to get if you take service from CovermeVPN. 

The service review of CovermeVPN 

Server locations 

In selecting a VPN service, the server location coverage is critical. For making the server location selection available according to the users’ needs, CovermeVPN has tried to cover the maximum countries of the world. You can choose a server location from 140 countries across the world if you use CovermeVPN. 

Shared and Dedicated IP service

CovermeVPN has both shared and dedicated IP services for its users. Here, the dedicated IP service taker can enjoy all the benefit features provided by the shared IP services. In many cases, a user may require a dedicated IP, for solving the problems of the users, CovermeVPN has brought Dedicated IP services. 

Unlimited Bandwidth 

Unlimited bandwidth in VPN service means you can use as much data as you wish. When a VPN service promises to provide unlimited bandwidth, you can stream videos, listen to music, and use data as much as you want. There you will not face any restrictions. The best VPN for Bhutan, CovermeVPN has these benefits and features for its all customers. As a customer of CovermeVPN, you can stream videos, and use data as per your wish. 

Unlimited server switching 

As a customer of CovermeVPN, you will not face any difficulty in changing your server locations. You can take any server location as per your wishes. It offers a hassle-free server switching opportunity that is unlimited. So, to enjoy this hassle-free server switching opportunity, you can try the CovermeVPN service. 

Device compatibility 

CovermeVPN is compatible with any devices like Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, etc. This device compatibility will help you to use the VPN service smoothly.  The device compatibility will also help you to maintain the speed of internet browsing while using the VPN service. 

Browser Extensions

Many users simply love to use a VPN service by adding a browser extension. CovermeVPN can be used in Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers. So, the Best VPN service is convenient for users who love to use VPN through a browser extension. 


CovermeVPN has designed its service into four offerings. The four service offerings are as follows. The packages are designed for shared IPs. 

Monthly package: 9.98 Euro. 

Three months: 23 Euro. 

Half-yearly: 36 Euro. 

Yearly: 59.88 Euro. 

If you want to have a dedicated IP service, you have to spend a little extra compared to this shared IP service. 

Security and speed 

Last, but the most important benefit feature of the best VPN for Bhutan is the highest security and fastest speed. The VPN service provider has secured protocols like IKEV2, OpenVPN, etc. to keep its users safe and secured. The service is also able to maintain a good speed for the users. 

Wrapping Up 

You are now aware of why you should use a VPN in Bhutan. For security and speed, the blog considered CovermeVPN as the best VPN for Bhutan. The VPN service provider is the best because the service is hassle-free. A user-friendly VPN service interface is available for the users. So, use the best VPN for Bhutan and increase your internet experience to its fullest.

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