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Cybercrime is increasing across the world. This is more true in the country Brazil. The country has a record of the occurrence of different spam and cybercrimes. So, there is no cause for hampering your own privacy and security. The unsecured online footprint can jeopardize your security and privacy. Leaking your private information can create a big problem and can mess up your life. So, you need to find the best VPN for Brazil that is highly secure and fast. 

If you are permanently living in Brazil or traveling the country, you must consider using a VPN service. It would be a great investment to buy a VPN service in Brazil. Mark your internet footprint safe and secure by using the best VPN for Brazil. 

Who doesn’t love to enjoy streaming shows? Will you want to miss the most favorite streaming shows in the world? If those streaming services are geographically restricted what will you do then? If the streaming shows are not available in Brazil, will you leave watching your favorite streaming shows? Definitely, you need not do this. Because VPN use can bring solutions to your problem.  

You may now become concerned that is VPN legal in Brazil. Ok, let’s know the answer to the question of whether a VPN is legal or illegal in Brazil. Later, we will explore different valid reasons for using a VPN in Brazil. 

Is VPN illegal in Brazil? 

Is VPN illegal in Brazil? No, a VPN is not illegal in Brazil. VPN use is legal in Brazil. You can use it without any concern about the legal issues of VPN use. The Brazilian government has tried to bring internet censorship laws, but it did not ban VPN use in Brazil. You will not find any record punishing anyone in Brazil for using a VPN service. 

So, you can freely use a VPN in Brazil. But never use a VPN for any illegal activities. It may bring you severe punishment enforced by the laws. CovermeVPN always discourages any illegal use of its VPN service. As being the best VPN for Brazil, the VPN service provider have much importance on the security of the users. So, use CovermeVPN for privacy and other purposes while avoiding any illegal activities. 

Valid reasons for using a VPN in Brazil 

The name VPN is like something suspicious. Sometimes it has been seen as a crime to use a VPN. The people who do not use VPN services have misconceptions about the use of a VPN service. There are many valid reasons that require a person to use a VPN service. Let’s have an idea about the valid reasons for using a VPN in Brazil. The reasons are not only true for Brazil, you can use it for any country in the world. 

Save yourself from the hackers 

If you are living in Brazil or read the news daily, you must be aware of the fact that cybercrime is high in Brazil. So, taking precautions of keeping yourself safe from any cyber attack is a wise decision. Among different online security measures, using a VPN service is one of the best options for securing online privacy. 

A VPN will help you keep your IP address secret. Hackers will not be able to detect your IP address if you are using a VPN service. So, use a VPN service and be cool in the online medium. The encryption system developed by the VPN service providers is difficult for hackers to extract data through decoding. 

Escape government surveillance 

Brazil has the position of 64 in 100 where 100 refers to the most internet freedom country and o is the zero freedom country. So, you now understand why you need to look for the best VPN for Brazil. You need the best-secured VPN service if you want to avoid government surveillance by the Brazilian government.  

Not only in the Brazilian government but in any country, it is a true case. Whether you are a citizen of that country or a foreigner, it is most probable that you are observed by the government. So, if you have relations with politics, or you oppose your government, you must consider using a VPN service.  

Be economical in online shopping 

You may be aware of the fact that there are many e-commerce sites that charge price varieties based on geographic locations. So, to avoid price discrimination, you can change your IP address location. Use the best VPN for Brazil and change your location as per your need. 

Occupying an IP address location where an e-commerce site charges lower than your location will help you to be economical in online shopping. Online shoppers are on the rise. So, using a VPN service will help them to be more economical in online shopping. 

Watch your favorite streaming shows 

Netflix US is not available in Brazil. Netflix US did not give any restrictions on watching the shows from other areas by changing the IP address. So, you can use a VPN service to unblock the geo-restriction of Netflix US. 

Like Netflix US, there are many popular streaming shows. Popular streaming services in the world such as HBO, BBC iPlayer, Hulu TV, etc. To enjoy these streaming services from Brazil, use the best VPN for Brazil. Try CovermeVPN which keeps the capability of unblocking any world-known streaming services. 

Professional work 

If you are a person working in the IT sector, you have already been aware of the need of using a VPN service. To be more competent and work smoothly in the IT field, there needs to use a VPN service. 

For example, suppose you are a digital marketer. For handling the clients’ marketing, you need to get access to different websites and those websites may be banned in your geographic location. So, you will need to use a VPN service for professional reasons. 

Remote work 

Remote work will require you to get access to your office file libraries. Using an unprotected connection to access office files is not a wise decision. Moreover, your company may have many office locations. The employees may need to access those offices’ files. Making a central network is necessary for companies that have many offices. 

Site-site-VPN helps companies to make a network that is accessible from anywhere and by anyone. So, to ensure smooth workflow and coordination among different offices, a VPN can play a good role. 

Best VPN for Brazil: Fast and secure VPN  

The number of VPN service providers is many but the quality VPN service provers are very few. In Brazil, try CovermeVPN, the best VPN for Brazil. CovermeVPN is the best as it ensures the highest level of security to its users. 

Highly secured 

CovermeVPN has IKEV2, L2TP, OVPN, IPSEC, etc. which are highly secured. The best VPN provider avoids using PPTP as it is considered less secure. It gives much focus to the security of the users. So, for security concerns people in Brazil, CovermeVPN will be the best VPN. 

Fastest speed 

VPN by adding extra servers reduces the users’ internet speed. Many people say that using a VPN they are having less speed than their actual speed. Use CovermeVPN, you won’t need to compromise your speed. Its highly secured algorithm systems are developed in a way that they can be compatible with any device. Thus, CovermeVPN does not reduce internet speed much like its competitor VPN service provider. 

Wide coverage of server locations in the world 

CovermeVPN has server locations in maximum countries of the world.  With 300000 shared IPs the VPN service provider offers wide coverage for its users. Users can switch their IP servers as per their needs. So, an individual using CovermeVPN can have a very good experience. Internet surfing is our daily need, so making our daily needs comfortable and smooth is our main focus. 

Neat and clean privacy terms and conditions 

You can use CovermeVPN if you are seeking a VPN service that doesn’t keep logging information. CoveremeVPN follows a logging policy. So, here you are safe in taking their VPN service. The privacy policy of CovermeVPN is described clearly on the website. So, use CovermeVPN and have extra security features from them. 

Unblock streaming services 

Although many VPN service providers claim that they can unblock streaming services. But in actual cases, many VPNs do not work in unblocking streaming services. CovermeVPN has a strong algorithm to unlock different streaming services. So, try CovermeVPN and enjoy unlimited streaming services such as Hulu TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix US, etc. 

Enjoy a dedicated IP 

CovermeVPN has dedicated IP services for its users. You can enjoy their dedicated IP services in the big, well-known six countries. The six countries are the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Canada, and Germany. So, enjoy a dedicated VPN service with CovermeVPN. So, from Brazil, now you can have dedicated server locations in these countries.  


For better quality VPN services, you need to spend a considerable amount on the service. It has the following offerings for the sharing IP service. 

  • Monthly package: 9.98 Euro. 
  • Three months: 23 Euro. 
  • Half-yearly: 36 Euro. 
  • Yearly: 59.88 Euro. 

You have to increase your budget if you want to enjoy a dedicated IP service. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get high quality at a low price. Always, try to buy a service at a reasonable offer. Don’t go over a lucrative offer, it may be a misleading offer. 

Cons of using a VPN 

Slower Speed 

A VPN use can reduce your internet speed. The transmission of data through the extra server can hinder your actual internet speed. In many cases, the VPN service incompatibility with the users’ devices is one of the biggest reasons for reducing speed. Use CovermeVPN because it is compatible with devices like android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. So, if you want to get a smooth internet speed, try CovermeVPN. 

Lessen Security 

Low-priced VPNs and free VPNs are risky for your privacy. They can store your information and give backdoor access to any third party. They can sell your internet traffic data. The best VPN for Brazil – CovermeVPN gives the guarantee of a zero-log policy for its users. Moreover, its highly secure protocols keep the users safe in the online medium.  

Finally, you know about the best VPN for Brazil considering the safety, security, speed, and streaming services. There are many valid reasons for using a VPN service. VPN is legal in Brazil. You may face slower speed in using a VPN, but for security, you have to consider it. CovermeVPN allows its users unlimited server switching opportunities. Moreover, the company is highly secure. So, consider using CovermeVPN if you wish to make your internet footprint safe and secure.


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