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You may be a holiday marker in France. Or you are a citizen of France. Maybe you are a tech lover. Simply you love to enjoy well-known shows and series on streaming services. Staying in France it is impossible to enjoy Hulu TV, HBO, and Netflix US. There are other popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime, and BBC iPlayer. A VPN is a well-known solution for the privacy seeker, the best VPN service for France can reduce their difficulties in many ways.

You must be aware that privacy on the internet medium is quite risky. You may not love to jeopardize your privacy. So, what will you do? A VPN is a well-known solution for the privacy seeker and for the streaming service lover. There are other reasons for using a VPN service. 

It might be your question: staying in France, using a VPN legal or illegal? The country always encourages communication freedom. So, let’s know whether using a VPN is legal in France before knowing the best VPN for France. 

Is using VPN legal in France? The legal status of VPN use in France. 

There are a good number of internet users in France. There are almost 50 million internet users in the country. The people of the country enjoy good internet speed. The speed is about 8.2 Mbps and the speed rises up to 38.9. 

According to Statista, in the country, around 26% of people who use VPNs are aged between 18-24 years in the last 12 months. The rate is lower among the older population. France is one of the countries where the number of VPN users is increasing.  

You might be highly concerned about the legal status of using a VPN legal in France. Is using VPN legal in France?  So, you need not worry while using a VPN in France. The short reply to the question is that VPN use is legal in France. 

In France, the Big Brother Act has given a lot of things about internet use. It has given intelligence organizations the right to observe the internet activity of people. But, do not worry. It has no instructions on the restrictions of VPN use in France. So, you can use a VPN service for privacy and security issues. 

The VPN is legal in France. But it does not mean that you can use it for any illegal purpose. You might face severe legal actions if you use a VPN service for any criminal activities. The best VPN for France – CovermeVPN does not support any criminal activities using the VPN service. You should be careful in the responsible use of the VPN service. To be safe on the internet medium, the best VPN for France can help you in the best way by providing their best security feature. 

Why do you need a VPN in France? 

If you are an internet surfer, and you don’t use any VPN in France, the article paragraph is for you. If you are already a VPN user, you might not be aware of the different uses of a VPN service. From here you will get a brief idea of the reasons why you need a VPN in France. So, let’s explore why you need a VPN in France or any country you are belonging to right now. 

Enjoy popular TV series

Across the world, people now love more TV series on streaming services. There are many popular streaming services that can only be watched from certain geographic locations. For example, you are a lover of Netflix US. But, you are now currently living in France. 

The VPN service is the ultimate solution for you. You can change your IP address location and use an IP address that is located in the USA by using a VPN. So, isn’t it cool to use a VPN service to enjoy the streaming service? 

Plenty of VPN services state that they can unblock geo-restrictions. But in actual cases, many VPN service providers fail in unblocking geo-restrictions. You need to be cautious in selecting the VPN service because your money can go in vain if your service provider may not able to unblock geo-restrictions. 

CovermeVPN is the best VPN for unblocking geo-restrictions. You must think of Taking service from CovermeVPN if you are looking for a secured VPN service. 

For the highest level of security

Who does not love to get the highest level of security? In the online world, the thing is more popular. People have to be alert in online mediums if anyone is stealing their private information. If you are a responsible person who is always conscious of your online footprint. A highly secured VPN is needed for you. 

Because the service provider has the most secure protocols such as IPSEC, L2TP, OVPN, and IKEV2. Here, you are safe as the company ensured that it does not keep any log information of the users. CoveremeVPN is quite serious about its clients’ safety issues. It has avoided using PPTP protocols that bear the risk of being hacked or leaking information. By using the dedicated IP service, you are safer in your online world. 

In the digital marketing field

Suppose you are a digital marketer. Or you wanna start digital marketing. Or you are anyone who is interested in building a career in the IT sector. VPN use is compulsory for you. For getting many benefits of doing digital marketing, you just need a VPN service. 

The IT person can use a VPN for many reasons. For example, for hiding your marketing from your competitors you need to hide. A VPN helps in hiding a person’s internet identity. If you are a freelancer, you can handle two clients from competing brands. In this case, you can do the client’s work by hiding your real identity. 

Enjoy price advantage on online shopping 

Many times you can see that online shopping sites are charging price variety only based on geographic locations. As a smart online shopper, you can use the VPN service for changing your location. 

CovermeVPN offers unlimited server switching opportunities. The VPN service provider has wide coverage in almost 140 countries. You can pick the location that has a low-price offering on the e-commerce site.  So, be smart with CovermeVPN and buy online at a reduced price.  

Play your favorite game

Playing different world-famous games may not be possible in France. There are many games that are banned in France. If you want to play those games, you just need to use a VPN service to change your location. 

For example, in France, you will not be able to play the game Tech Jargon. Because the is banned in the country. To play the game you can use a VPN service. For not only playing banned games, but also playing a game with your friends, family members, or other members, you may need to use a VPN service. 

For company privacy 

These days, remote working is popular. Working from home and using office files can be risky for your company. So, try to use a VPN for accessing your company’s files to secure your company’s confidential files. 

A site-site VPN is best if the company has many head offices and an employee needs to access the files from those offices. So, you can use the most trusted VPN service, CovermeVPN. It will keep you and your company secure by being the best VPN for France. 

Best VPN for France: VPN review

The best VPN for France is CovermeVPN. It is the best VPN for France because it is a highly secured VPN service provider. The benefits you are going to get from CovermeVPN are as follows. 

Best features of CovermeVPN 

Highest security 

CovermeVPN uses IKEV2, L2TP, OVPN, IPSEC, etc. which are highly secured.  The best security service provider avoids using PPTP as it is considered less secure. It gives much focus to the security of the users. So, for security concerns people, CovermeVPN will be the best VPN. 

Highest speed 

As VPN adds extra servers, it can reduce your internet speed. Many people say that using a VPN they are having less speed than their actual speed. Use CovermeVPN, you won’t need to compromise your speed. Its highly secured algorithm systems are developed in a way that they can be compatible with any device. So, consider using Coverme VPN for having a good speed on internet browsing. 

Wide coverage 

CovermeVPN has server locations in almost 140 countries. With 300000 shared IPs the company has a wide coverage for its users. Users can switch their IP servers as per their wishes. So, as a customer of CovermeVPN, you can have a very good experience using the VPN. 

Neat and clean privacy policy  

You can use CovermeVPN if you are seeking a VPN service that doesn’t keep logging information. CoveremeVPN follows a logging policy. So, here you are safe in taking their VPN service. The privacy policy of CovermeVPN is described clearly on the website. So, use CovermeVPN and have extra security features from them. 

The capability of unblocking streaming services 

Although many VPN service providers claim that they can unblock streaming services. But in actual cases, many VPNs do not work in unblocking streaming services. CovermeVPN has a strong algorithm to unlock different streaming services. So, try CovermeVPN and enjoy unlimited streaming services such as Hulu TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix US, etc. 

Dedicated IP address  

CovermeVPN has dedicated IP services for its users. You can enjoy their dedicated IP services in the big, well-known six countries. The six countries are the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Canada, and Germany. So, enjoy a dedicated VPN service with CovermeVPN. 


For premium VPN services, you need to spend a handsome amount on the service. It has the following offerings for the sharing IP service. 

  1. Monthly package: 9.98 Euro. 
  2. Three months: 23 Euro. 
  3. Half-yearly: 36 Euro. 
  4. Yearly: 59.88 Euro. 

CovermeVPN charges reasonable prices for its quality services. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get high quality at a low price. Always, try to buy a service at a reasonable offer. Don’t go over a lucrative offer, it may be a fake offer. 

The Cons of using a VPN service 

Reducing internet speed 

Using a VPN service can reduce your internet speed if you try an unreliable VPN service. This usually happens because a VPN uses an extra layer on the internet tunnel. Moreover, it can happen because of the VPN service incompatibility with your devices. So, try CovermeVPN which is developed in a way it is compatible with any device. 

Security issues 

Free VPN is highly insecure. Try to go for the paid VPN. A responsible person will never want to harm his/her privacy. So, for the best security, use CovermeVPN. 

At last, you now got the best VPN for France review. From the best features analysis, you must get an idea of why CovermeVPN is the best VPN for France. You also have an idea of why you need to use a VPN in France. VPN use in France is legal. So, you can use a VPN service in France freely.


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