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Best VPN for Israel

 In 2020, Israel has a population of 9.217 million. Among the population, 86.8% of the people use the internet. Here, the concern arises in Israel for online security. The political situation and overall observation say that Israel is not safe for online privacy seekers. For online privacy in Israel, you must look for the best VPN for Israel.

Virtual Private Network works like a disguiser of your real IP where your real IP will be replaced by another IP provided by the VPN service provider. Here, the article is for you where you will have a review of the best VPN for Israel. You can raise concerns it is legal to use a VPN in Israel. What would be the consequence of using a VPN service in Israel? You will also understand from here, why you need to use a VPN service in Israel. 

The article will provide you with a brief on the comparison between shared and dedicated IPs. The benefits a dedicated IP can offer you will also be presented to you. Finally, you will get a full review of the best VPN service from this article. 

Best VPN for Israel

Is VPN legal in Israel? 

The issue between Israel and Palestine is well-known to the world. The issue is considered one of the reasons for the country’s reduced internet freedom. Although the country is constraining of online activities of the users, the use of a VPN is legal in Israel. Israel yet did not become strict on VPN use in its geographic location. 

So, you are free to use a VPN service in Israel. But, you to use a VPN service carefully. Because any criminal activity by using a VPN service is an offensive job not only for Israel but also all over the country. Use the best VPN for Israel while trying to utilize the service for valid reasons. 

CovermeVPN never supports any offensive work by using its services. So, try to take the service only for valid causes. In the later section of the article, you will find out the reasons why you should use a VPN in Israel. The most necessary reasons for using a VPN in Israel will be presented to you. 

Disclaimer: The internal laws are very complex. The laws are ever-changing. Here, the information provided on the legal status of VPNs in Israel is proven. Based on an analysis of different legal aspects and information available online, the article determined the legal status of using a VPN service in Israel. 

Why should I use a VPN in Israel? 

VPN use now become compulsory for many of us. VPN is not only used for privacy, rather it benefits a user in many ways. In Israel, you need to use a VPN service for many reasons. Here, some reasons for using a VPN in Israel are concluded for you. 

  • Use VPN for enjoying unlimited streaming services in Israel or outside the country. For example, from Israel, you will not be able to watch Disney+, BBC iPlayer, etc. Moreover, if you want to enjoy streaming services like Mako TV, and Kan 11 of Israel outside the country, you will not. You will need the IP address of Israel if you want to enjoy these streaming services outside the country. So, a VPN can become the ultimate solution provider for your problem. Try CovermeVPN, the best VPN for Israel to enjoy streaming services without any hassle. 
  • As using a VPN service in Israel is legal, you are free here to select any VPN service. You can use the VPN for any valid purpose like securing your company’s documents while working from home. To connect different offices of a company to a single network, a VPN use is a good solution. 
  • Suppose, you are an individual who needs to use public Wi-Fi regularly. Using public Wi-Fi is not free of risk for online privacy. Any party can snoof your information while using public Wi-Fi. Try the best VPN for Israel at the time of using public Wi-Fi will make your online activity safe and secure. 
  • Avoiding government surveillance is also necessary to avoid any unnecessary legal hassle. The best VPN for Israel will help you to avoid this unnecessary surveillance by the government. Now, we will review the shared vs dedicated IPs in a VPN service. 

Shared Vs Dedicated IPs 

Almost all VPN service providers provide shared IPs to their users. There are very few VPN service providers that offer dedicated IPs for their users. CovermeVPN is the VPN service provider that gives its users the opportunity to choose a dedicated IP service offering. From here, you will get an overview of shared vs dedicated IPs. 

Now, you will get an idea about what is a shared IP and what is a dedicated IP. You can also get an idea about the comparison of both shared and dedicated IPs. 

Shared IP 

A shared IP is the IP address that is used by more than one individual. When you take a shared IP from a VPN service provider, your IP address can be shared with anyone. At the same time, your IP address could be used by other users. 

Dedicated IP

A unique and exclusive IP address for you. A dedicated IP address exclusively designed for a single user. So, the VPN service provider restricts the IP address only for the user. Comparing the shared vs dedicated IPs, dedicated providers have greater values than shared IPs in a VPN service. 

Why do you need a dedicated IP? 

You now get a basic idea about shared vs dedicated IPs in a VPN service. Having a dedicated IP means, you have a static and unique IP address. This is allowing you to hide your real IP and also offers you an exclusive IP address for you. By using a dedicated IP address, you are going to get many benefits that you may not have by using a shared IP address. Let’s explore the benefits of using a dedicated IP address in a VPN service

Benefits of a dedicated IP

  • When you use a dedicated IP address, there is a low chance that your IP address will be put on a blacklist.
  • While using a dedicated IP address, you will have to be required to pass through lesser verification steps. In shared IPs, you will not get this facility. 
  • By using the IP address, you can do email fast. 
  • Your work from home will become much easier with a dedicated IP address service. 

Drawbacks of a dedicated IP address 

  • It will bring extra VPN service costs for you. 

Although a dedicated IP address will bring extra cost for you, it could be your ultimate solution provider for the above-mentioned benefits. 

Best VPN for Israel – Best VPN review 

The best VPN for Israel review will help you to decide why CovermeVPN service is the best VPN service for you. The best VPN for Israel has been serving its users with the highest security, fastest speed, and unlimited streaming services. The review of the shared vs dedicated IPs has already made you understand why one should choose a dedicated IP service over shared IP service. Now, the review of the best VPN for Israel is given below for you. 

CovermeVPN – the best VPN services 

In choosing a VPN service, an individual needs to be cautious about many things. Speed and security are two critical factors that one must consider in determining the best VPN for Israel. Other factors such as location coverage, bandwidth limit, simultaneous log, and privacy policy are very critical in choosing the best VPN service. Here, the best VPN for Israel is chosen by taking all of these things into account.


CovermeVPN can fit devices like Android, iPhone, Mac, windows, etc. So, you will have a good speed on which device you use the VPN service. In VPN use, users mostly face speed problems. This mainly happens due to the encryption system and device incompatibility of the VPN service. You will not face any device compatibility problems if you take the CovermeVPN service. 


The security of a VPN service provider depends on the VPN protocols. The most used VPN protocols are PPTP, OpenVPN, IPsec, L2TP, IKEV2, Wireguard, etc. PPTP is known to be the least safe of these protocols. The VPN protocol is the oldest protocol’ and the encryption system is not much stronger. CovermeVPN has secured protocols like IPSEC, OVPN, IKEV2, etc. So if you take service from CovermeVPN, you are getting a military-grade encryption system. The VPN service also has a no-logs policy. So, it could be your first consideration for the best VPN for Israel. 

Unlimited bandwidth 

Unlimited bandwidth means you can spend unlimited data. Your use of data has no limitations. You can do anything with this unlimited bandwidth. The limitless bandwidth is necessary for video streaming mostly. 

Unlimited server switching 

When you use a VPN service, you may change your IP address. The opportunity of choosing their server location and changing the location as per their needs is a beneficial feature of CovemeVPN. The VPN service will provide you the chance of getting to your preferred location when you would need it. 

Wide coverage of server locations 

CovermeVPN covers the most well-known countries in the world. It has coverage in over 140 countries where it has about 300000 shared IPs. So, the larger number of location coverage will help you find your preferred location easily. 

Dedicated IPs

Very few VPNs provide dedicated IP service. From the analysis of shared vs dedicated IPs, you now realised why you can need a dedicated IP service. CovermeVPN has dedicated IP offerings in six big countries as the USA, the UK, Australia, Germany, Singapore, and Canada.  The famous streaming services HBO, BBC iPlayer, Netflix US, etc. are from the USA and UK. If you want to enjoy these streaming services without any concern or hassle, use CovermeVPN. 


Here, the price for the shared IPs of CovermeVPN services is as follows. CovermeVPN has the following four packages for its shared IP service. 

  • Monthly package: 9.98 Euro. 
  • Three months: 23 Euro. 
  • Half-yearly: 36 Euro. 
  • Yearly: 59.88 Euro. 

Dedicated IP service offerings are as follows. 

  • Monthly package: 17 Euro. 
  • Three months: 44 Euro. 
  • Half-yearly: 72 Euro. 
  • Yearly: 122 Euro. 

Although a dedicated IP service can incur more cost than shared IPs, because of the best speed, security, and streaming services, one must consider dedicated IPs. 

Cons of using a VPN service

VPN service is not without its drawbacks. It can reduce your internet speed. Based on the encryption system and device compatibility. CovermeVPN is good in this regard as it is able to keep good speed for its users. 

Sometimes people raise questions about the safety of VPN use. Yes, there involve risks if you take service from a free service provider. For less secure protocol users, VPN services are also risky for security. Moreover, the VPN service whose privacy terms and conditions are not clearly stated is risky for your privacy. 

Wrapping Up

Virtual Private Network app now has become one must-have app for internet users. Ensuring the safety of the users is critical for the online surfer. Here, the article has broadly described the best VPN for Israel. Before that, you can see how shared IPs and dedicated IPs in a VPN service compare.

You now know what could provide you with a better solution. So, consider using a reliable VPN service and enhance your online experience. 

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