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Japan is a lovely country. Around 92% of internet users in Japan. The people in Japan use the internet with eye-watering. Internet censorship in Japan is not very strict. Still, VPN use is very popular in Japan. The Japanese and the tourists are using the VPN service. At the same time, many customers are facing problems in getting the best VPN for Japan. Many provide unreliable services where the VPN users lose their connection and face the worst internet speed. 

For this problem, the article has prepared you with how to choose the best VPN service. If you are doubtful about the legal issue of VPNs in Japan, it presents a brief on whether it is legal to use a VPN in Japan or not. 

What is a VPN?  

Virtual Private Network services are very popular with many internet users. The VPN is generated for people who are privacy seekers. Let me ask you a few questions.  Will you love to be watched by the others? Would you like anyone to observe your internet activity? Don’t you feel the need to access some geo-blocked websites? 

I have no doubt that your answer is yes. You may like to keep your internet browsing history secret. You may not want your government to keep spying on you. Also, you must try to remain safe from hackers and snoopers. 

For solving these issues, the VPN service arises. You will later know in detail how a VPN service can help you in this highly threatening internet area. VPN takes the responsibility of hiding your IP address. So, your ISP, government, hackers, third-party ad agency, or any snooper can not track you. A VPN works through an encryption system. The strong algorithm system encrypted the users’ data which became impossible for anyone to retrieve. 

Is VPN legal in Japan? 

Please, leave your all tension if you are concerned about whether a VPN is legal or not in Japan. In Japan, a VPN is completely legal. The government of Japan has not yet thought of creating any restrictions on VPN use in Japan. 

But the Japanese government will catch you if you do any criminal work by using a VPN service. CovermeVPN as being the best VPN for Japan never encourages any wrong doing by using their service. CovermeVPN has a very good reputation for unblocking geo-restrictions. So, you can use CovemeVPN for watching series on streaming services. 

So, if you are permanently living in Japan, living in Japan for some time, you may need to choose the best VPN for Japan. Here, the article will help you in this case. 

Why do you need to use a VPN in Japan? 

After knowing the fact that a VPN is legal in Japan, you may now be relieved. You may now be considering whether you should start using VPN or not. What benefits are you going to get by using a VPN service in Japan? How VPN use will benefit you in Japan. So, let’s explore the benefits you are going to get from using the best VPN for Japan. 

Enjoy your favorite streaming services 

You can use VPN in Japan for enjoying different streaming services. For example, you may wanna watch Netflix US. But staying in Japan, you won’t be able to enjoy Netflix US. You must need your IP address located in the USA. By using a VPN service, you can get an IP address of the USA and enjoy the series you would love to watch on Netflix US. 

Moreover, you can enjoy streaming services like HBO, and BBC players, the world’s most well-known streaming services. You may wanna watch Brazilian streaming services such as Gazeta,  Sling TV Brazil, etc. You can enjoy more streaming services like Hulu, and Amazon Prime in Japan by using CovermeVPN. 

So, for enjoying the world’s renowned TV shows, and series on different streaming services, consider using a VPN service. 

Evade government and ISP spying on your internet activity 

Like other strict countries such as Russia, China, and India, Japan also keeps an eye on the internet behavior of its population. If you do not want to be observed by the Japanese government you must use the highest secured VPN service. 

The internet service provider of the country always keeps interested in spying on the user’s activities. To hide your IP address from the eyes of the ISP, you can use a VPN service. You must avoid using unreliable VPN services. It can store your information and sell the information to third parties.  

Check the privacy features of your VPN service provider. For example, PPTP protocols are risky for security. For this reason, being the best VPN for Japan, it avoids using the PPTP protocol. Rather, CovermeVPN uses SSL, IKEV2, L2TP, IPSEC, etc. which are highly secured protocols. 

Secure your internet activities in public Wi-Fi

Consider a situation where you love to browse the internet in a cyber cafe, but it is risky for your privacy.  Or you are taking a hotel service, where you are using the hotel’s Wi-Fi service. 

In these situations, it is risky to use the internet because of privacy issues. Snoopers and hackers may attack your internet activity and steal your confidential information. So, in using public wifi you need privacy. For this reason, you can use a VPN for privacy issues. 

For more business-related activities you need a VPN, read more here

Trust in the Best VPN for Japan: CovermeVPN 

CovermeVPN is the best VPN for Japan. The VPN service provider is best for you if you are a privacy seeker person. With a military-grade encryption system, you are most secure in using the VPN service. What benefits are you going to get if you use CovermeVPN as follows? 

Benefits provided by CovermeVPN 

Best security 

CovermeVPN uses IKEV2, L2TP, OVPN, IPSEC, etc. which are highly secured.  The best security service provider avoids using PPTP as it is considered less secure. It gives much focus to the security of the users. So, for security concerns people, CovermeVPN will be the best VPN. 

Good speed 

As VPN adds extra servers, it can reduce your internet speed. Many people say that using a VPN they are having less speed than their actual speed. Use CovermeVPN, you won’t need to compromise your speed. Its highly secured algorithm systems are developed in a way that they can be compatible with any device. So, consider using Coverme VPN for having a good speed on internet browsing. 

Good server locations across the world 

CovermeVPN has server locations in almost 140 countries. With 300000 shared IPs the company has a wide coverage for its users. Users can switch their IP servers as per their wishes. So, as a customer of CovermeVPN, you can have a very good experience using the VPN. 

Clear terms and conditions on privacy 

You can use CovermeVPN if you are seeking a VPN service that doesn’t keep logging information. CoveremeVPN follows a logging policy. So, here you are safe in taking their VPN service. The privacy policy of CovermeVPN is described clearly on the website. So, use CovermeVPN and have extra security features from them. 

Unlimited streaming services 

Although many VPN service providers claim that they can unblock streaming services. But in actual cases, many VPNs do not work in unblocking streaming services. CovermeVPN has a strong algorithm to unlock different streaming services. So, try CovermeVPN and enjoy unlimited streaming services such as Hulu TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix US, etc. 

Have a dedicated IP 

CovermeVPN has dedicated IP services for its users. You can enjoy their dedicated IP services in the big, well-known six countries. The six countries are the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Canada, and Germany. So, enjoy a dedicated VPN service with CovermeVPN. 


For premium VPN services, you need to spend a handsome amount on the service. It has the following offerings for the sharing IP service. 

  • Monthly package: 9.98 Euro. 
  • Three months: 23 Euro. 
  • Half-yearly: 36 Euro. 
  • Yearly: 59.88 Euro. 

You have to increase your budget if you want to enjoy a dedicated IP service. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get high quality at a low price. Always, try to buy a service at a reasonable offer. Don’t go over a lucrative offer, it may be a deceiving offer. 

Why should I not use a Free VPN? 

There are plenty of free VPN service providers in the world. But, do you have any idea how a user is jeopardizing their own privacy? In free VPNs, the company uses less secured, low-cost protocols. Moreover, their privacy terms and policies may not be clear. By storing the users’ information, it can later sell or hand over the information to any third party. 

Moreover, a free VPN is not able to unblock geo-restrictions many times. So, if you are trying to enjoy streaming services by using a free VPN, it may not work. And the service can reduce your internet speed. 

The benefits of using a VPN service are now clear to you. Finally, you now have a very good idea of why you should use a VPN service in Japan. The article has presented the best VPN for Japan. Moreover, gather the knowledge on why you should avoid using a free VPN and go for the paid VPN option. 

As there are no restrictions by the Japanese government on using a VPN service in Japan. So, you can take the best VPN for Japan for you and increase your internet experience.  Go with CovermeVPN and stay safe. Happy internet browsing. 

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