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Using VPN is not an option rather it is a necessity for the internet security seeker in Myanmar. The turmoil political environment makes it a necessary tool for internet users in Myanmar. Virtual Private Network will help you to stay anonymous while browsing online. Today’s article will help you in finding out the best VPN for Myanmar.

In Myanmar from February 2021, political instability remains. The military overthrew the Myanmar government in February 2021. The political turmoil has created situations like shutting down the internet and banning social media. Even the military force of Myanmar forced the internet provider companies in Myanmar to provide users’ data to the military force. 

So, you now understand why a person needs VPNs in Myanmar. Here in this article,                                                You can also know whether VPN is legal in Myanmar or not. To get the best service, you must look for the best VPN for Myanmar.  

Is VPN legal in Myanmar? 

The present situation in Myanmar induced the people to think is VPN legal in Myanmar? Do the people from Myanmar use VPNs? The military junta of Myanmar has tried to ban VPN use in Myanmar. But, officially Myanmar has not declared VPN use illegal in Myanmar yet. But, many assume that internally, the military force of Myanmar is trying to ban VPNs. 

As the proposal of banning VPNs in Myanmar has not proceeded further. Most probably they are trying technically to use a VPN service in Myanmar. If your VPN service is strong enough, it would be tough for the technical team to block your service from Myanmar. So, VPN is not illegal in Myanmar. You can use a VPN service in Myanmar if your VPN service works there. So, you need to look for the best VPN for Myanmar. 

Disclaimer: The blog is not giving any legal advice to anyone. It simply presented the information available online. 

Why do you need to use a VPN in Myanmar? 

The internet censorship laws have become much more strict in Myanmar since the military regime started in February 2020. The military government has banned the most popular social media Facebook. So, there is no scope for asking why you need to use a VPN in Myanmar. Rather it becomes a necessary tool for your business. The reasons why you need a VPN service in Myanmar are as follows. 

  • The first and foremost reason for using a VPN in Myanmar is the country’s government surveillance of internet users. The military government has taken strict internet censorship laws in Myanmar. So, government surveillance can bring threats to your online privacy. You must need to avoid this government surveillance on your internet in Myanmar. To disguise your online traffic, must try the best VPN for Myanmar. You may not disagree with the privacy need of your online traffic. 
  • Using public Wifi can make your information vulnerable to hackers or any third party. Whether you are using public WiFi from Myanmar or any other country, you must consider taking a VPN service to save your data from any third-party attack and snooping. 
  • From Myanmar, you will not able to use popular social media channels. The Myanmar government has banned Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. So, with a VPN service, you can hide your IP location in Myanmar and use these social media channels. 
  • To avoid strict internet censorship, you must use a VPN service in Myanmar. You will not able to access much content from the Myanmar IP addresses. But, you can access much of those content if you use a VPN service in Myanmar. 
  • Popular streaming services are based on geo-locations. Netflix US, HBO, and BBC iPlayer are the well-known streaming services in the world. If you want to access these streaming shows, you need to stay in those locations. So, using VPN can help you to change your IP address. Try the best VPN for Myanmar. It will help you to get your preferred geolocation server and enjoy your preferred streaming services using VPN

Is VPN safe? 

We use VPN for the safety of our online traffic. If the VPN service itself becomes unsafe, what is the benefit of using a VPN service? For this reason, you must have to look for the best VPN for Myanmar or any country in the world. 

First, we will know why a VPN service is not safe for users. A VPN service is not safe for you if you take the service from any unreliable VPN provider. For instance, if you take service from a free VPN, you must know that you are taking service from an unreliable source. The free VPN service provider does not give any guarantee that they will not keep a store of the users’ log information. 

It is quite clear that a free VPN service can keep the log information of the users and can sell that information. Moreover, they use unsafe VPN protocols where data encryption is not secured. So, always you are at risk when you are using a free VPN service. 

Paid VPN also could not be safe for you. If you use a VPN service whose privacy policy is not clear and use less-secure protocols, it would be unsafe for you. So, now let’s explore how you will select a safe VPN service for you. 

Select a safe VPN service. 

  • First of all, you should read the terms and conditions of the VPN service provider. 
  • If you are confused about the terms and conditions of the VPN service, you must not take the service. 
  • If a VPN provides no logs information policy term that means it will not store the users’ data. So, you can take their service. CoveremeVPN – the best VPN for Myanmar has a policy of no logs information. Buying service from CovermeVPN would be the best option for a safe and secured VPN service. 
  • VPN protocols are the main things you need to consider in seeking a safe VPN service. Because all the protocols are not safe. The protocols carry different pros and cons for the users. You must take service from the VPN service provider that has IKEV2, OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP, etc. CovermeVPN is the best-secured VPN for Myanmar as the VPN has these secured protocols. 
  • When you see a VPN service that has a PPTP protocol, you should not go for the service. Try the VPN that avoids using the protocol. 
  • Don’t jump to grab a lucrative offer. It may be a fraudulent offer for you. So, try the service that offers a reasonable price and quality service. 

Best VPN for Myanmar review 

VPN service is a great tool for internet users of Myanmar. Without VPN, the citizen of Myanmar should not use the internet. It is highly sensitive to use a VPN service when browsing the internet from Myanmar. The article will give you a review of the best VPN for Myanmar. 

Best VPN for Myanmar
Best VPN for Myanmar

The services you are going to get from CovermeVPN are as follows. 


The security of CovermeVPN is one of the best VPN service features. You can use it if you want to have the highest security assurance. The VPN service is secured because it has IKEV2, OpenVPN, IPsec, L2TP, etc. protocols. It is secured because it has a policy of no log information. So, you are getting the guarantee of security from CovermeVPN. If you consider the security issue, CovermeVPN is the best VPN for Myanmar. 


Yes, you are getting a very good internet speed if you use the CovermeVPN service. How does CovermeVPN ensure good internet speed? It ensures good speed through its algorithm system and protcols used. The VPN is developed by considering the speed and security issues of the users. Good device compatibility helps it to keep its internet speed stable. 

Simultaneous use 

You can use it on 5 devices at a time. So, it will facilitate your sharing VPN service. Playing games with friends, and family members would be easier for you. Moreover, simultaneous use can help you in performing multitasking at a time. 

Dedicated IP service 

For normal online activities, shared IP service is good. But if you want a premium VPN service, you must look for a dedicated IP service. There are many benefits that a shared VPN service can not provide you. For example, in many cases a shared IP may not unblock geo-restrictions. In this case, a dedicated IP address has more strength to unblock geo-restriction. The dedicated IP servers of CovermeVPN are located in Canada, Australia, Singapore, the USA, Germany, and the UK.  


Price is a big factor in choosing a VPN service. You must be aware that a lucrative offer may become a fraudulent offer. So, try to use a VPN service that has a reasonable price. You never get good service if you take any service at a low cost. Quality things always will incur costlier for you.  The price you need to pay if you take service from CovermeVPN. 

Dedicated IP service offerings. 

  • Monthly package: 17 Euro. 
  • Three months: 44 Euro. 
  • Half-yearly: 72 Euro. 
  • Yearly: 122 Euro. 

Shared IP service offerings. 

  • Monthly package: 9.98 Euro. 
  • Three months: 23 Euro. 
  • Half-yearly: 36 Euro. 
  • Yearly: 55.88 Euro.

The other benefits you are getting from CovermeVPN are as follows. 

  • The wide server location coverage will help you to choose your preferred server location. 
  • You are going to get unlimited bandwidth if you take service from CovermeVPN. 
  • Also, you can enjoy unlimited server-switching benefits. It offers easier server-switching opportunities for the users. 
  • The military-grade encryption system is waiting for you to make your online traffic the most secure. 
  • Kill switch facility.
  • P2P allowed.
  • Port forwarding.
  • 5 device connections at a time.
  • Unlimited server switching and unlimited bandwidth.
  • No log policy.
  • Best Military grade VPN service.
  • 100% encryption.
  • IKEV2, L2TP, OpenVPN, IPsec, etc.
  • IP servers in the most demandable places.
  • Best VPN for gaming, torrenting, streaming, security and privacy.

VPN is a must-have internet tool that makes users’ data safe on the internet. Last, of all, you now have not much confusion about a VPN service. Why do you need a VPN in Myanmar? You also see the review of the best VPN for Myanmar. In Myanmar, a VPN service is necessary because of the country’s political turmoil. So, be safe and secure in Myanmar by using the best VPN for Myanmar.

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