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Best VPN service in India

In September 2018, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs suggested the government of India ban VPNs in the country. The interesting fact is that after the recommendation, VPN use increased to skyrocket among internet users. The lack of internet use freedom drives Indians to use VPN services.  In the last 2-3 years, the use of VPNs has increased due to the blocking of different websites.

There are thousands of websites and apps that are blocked in India. Many popular apps like PUBG and TikTok are banned in India. A huge number of internet users are more concerned about using VPNs. But the concern is which is the best VPN service. Which is the Best VPN service in India that can serve the best value for money? Which VPN can provide a smooth internet surfing facility? 

The article is here to help you detail the best VPN service in India. First, we will explore what a VPN is and how it works. Then,  you will know as an Indian why you need to use the best VPN for India. Here, the best VPN service is suitable for all devices like desktops, laptops, mobile, chrome extensions, and other devices. 

What is VPN and how does it work?  

VPN is a tool that can help you to access and use the internet while ensuring the privacy of your internet use. The main task of a VPN service is to hide your IP address. It will allow you another IP address by replacing your IP address. VPN-allowed IP addresses will help you to access blocked websites or unavailable websites.

The VPN will also help you to access streaming services that are not accessible in India from your real IP address. For example, your VPN service can help you to get access to Netflix that is exclusive to certain regions. 

Best VPN service in India: Is it legal to use VPN in India? 

Till now, VPN in India is legal. In India, there are 1.4 billion people. This is the second-largest internet user base country in the world. The issue has been raised several times that VPNs should be banned in India. But the good news is that the Indian government has not taken such a decision. The Indian government did not take VPN service as a crime. 

That means you won’t face any undesirable situations if you use a VPN service in India. But you can face legal consequences if you do any illegal things by using VPN. The illegal activities may include but are not confined to downloading copyrighted content, buying or selling any illegal things like drugs, working on child pornography, etc.  

You may face legal issues even in accessing banned websites. In 2016, the Indian government was to make a law that can prohibit people from viewing, uploading, or downloading any content from banned sites.

If you violate the law, you may have to pay a heavy fine or may face jail for up to three years. The law is not strictly followed in India, but you must be cautious in dealing with those sites. Try the best VPN service in India to get access to the sites you need. 

Best VPN service in India: Reasons for using VPN in India 

A lot of reasons require an Indian to use a VPN service. The government’s increasing controls over the internet now raised the demand for using VPNs in India. For example, the Indian government banned Facebook for a short time in 2011. To use this popular social media platform, Indians used VPNs at that time. So, let’s explore the reasons why an Indian should use a VPN service and what is the best VPN service in India.Best VPN Service in India

Best VPN service in India: Internet censorship is rising in India 

In recent years, internet censorship has accelerated in India. For this reason, you may fail to access certain websites, apps, and web content in India. For example, the Indian government banned different gaming sites like PUBG mobile, Garena’s Free Fire, Tencent’s Xriver, etc.

In 2017, under pressure from the powerful Bollywood industry, India banned internet archives. Because of Indian internet censorship, you may not be able to access many interesting, useful sites. 

You can avoid this limitation of internet use by taking the best VPN service in India. The VPN’s encrypted services will allow you to hide your real IP and allow you an anonymous IP. But, in India, VPN use is still legal. Try the best VPN for India and stay safe in India. 

1. Get access to the geographically restricted websites 

VPN service will help you to get access to content that is not available in India. For example, you will not be able to reach the BBC iPlayer list if you are not in a location within the UK. So, if you want to access the BBC iPlayer library while staying in India, you need a VPN service that has an IP address in the UK. 

Another example can be using Netflix US which requires the IP location in the USA. So, by using a VPN service, you can get access to Netflix US while staying in India. The VPN service will help you to get an IP address that will allow you to enjoy live stream services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix US. 

2. Avoid government supervision on the internet use 

The lack of internet use privacy is strongest in India. The government of India continuously increases its surveillance of the internet uses of the citizens. If you don’t want government efforts on spying over your internet usage, use a VPN service.   

By using VPN, you will get an anonymous IP address that will secure all of your traffic by using an encryption system. VPN helps in browsing the internet without any surveillance from the government. 

3. Conduct a business from another country 

In the international market, you may need to access a company’s website that may not allow international IP addresses for privacy issues of the server. VPN will help you change your IP address so you can enjoy an IP address of your preferred country. You can get your job done without any interruption by taking the VPN service. 

4. Keep your financial information safe 

Hackers are now everywhere. They just look for chances to steal confidential information. Financial information would be the most sensitive and confidential in your life.  When you are using public wifi, the risk is much more. When you are using public wifi, assume you are already hacked. 

Hackers are lying for the opportunity to hack information like bank account numbers, credit card information, or any other confidential information. So, using a VPN service can help you to browse the internet privately and keep safe your confidential financial information. 

5. Torrent safely 

If you are a torrent, VPN is the solution to get as much as from torrenting. If you try to get access to banned torrent sites, there are chances you can be jailed for up to three years. Or you may be fined 300000 rupees. 

If you visit banned torrent sites by using a VPN for torrenting, your government will not be able to know which sites you are visiting. The IP masking will help stop copyright trolls that can hunt you down otherwise.  

6. Get high speed in gaming and streaming 

In ISP services, you are not getting bandwidth hogs. They are decreasing your speeds. If they see you are playing games or streaming HD videos, there are chances your speed will be decreased.  Increase your speed with the best VPN service in India. When your ISP will not see what you are doing, they will not be able to take any punitive action against you. 

7. Avoid getting your IP banned 

Many websites love to ban IP addresses from specific countries. This is because of keeping the websites secure from hackers. The frequency of hacking attempts is higher in India. India is such a type of country that gets banned from different websites. 

Is it fair having punishment for certain bad people? Definitely not. So, to keep yourself safe from having a massive IP ban, use a VPN service. Just change your IP address by using a VPN and visit the sites you prefer to visit. So, now let’s go to know about the best VPN service in India. 

Best VPN service in India: CovermeVPN review   

CovermeVPN is the best VPN service in India. Why has CovermeVPN considered the best VPN service in India? 

Best VPN service in India
Best VPN for India

CovermeVPN is a relatively new VPN service provider. The VPN service supports L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, IPsec, and IKEV2 protocols, etc. to give you the highest security through encryption. 

The VPN service provider is based in the UK and its headquarter is in London. CovermeVPN has come with a wide category of service excellence to outperform other VPN service providers in the market. 

The most common features of the best VPN service in India are as follows. 

  • A clear privacy policy.   
  • No logging information of the users.  
  • Fastest speed.  
  • Unlimited server-changing opportunity. 
  • Five simultaneous connections as of now. 
  • Military-grade encryption will allow you the highest level of safety.   
  • Offers 3000 plus servers. 
  • No restrictions. 
  • No-fuss VPN service. 
  • Unlimited bandwidth. 
  • A good acceptable interface. 
  • It charges a reasonable price. 
  • It is a military-grade VPN.
  • Suitable for any device like PC, mobile, tab, and other devices.
  • Wide variety of payment options such as Paypal, apple pay, google pay, cryptocurrency payment method, etc. now.
  • Best for torrenting, gaming, live streaming, etc. 

The pros of CovermeVPN 

  • Fasted VPN service. 
  • High-standard data encryption service. It is the best military grade VPN
  • Dedicated IP service.  

The cons of CovermeVPN 

  • Relatively limited country coverage as of now. It is hoping to increase country coverage in the future. 
  • Although it supports all the common protocols, it does not support WireGuard.  

There are many legitimate reasons for using VPN services in India. As a VPN user, I use VPNs for privacy reasons. If you are a privacy seeker like me, you should consider using the best VPN service in India. You can also get access to the geo-blocked sites. If you are a torrent, to get as much from torrenting, use VPN. To avoid government surveillance on your internet use, you should also consider taking a VPN service. You may face difficulty in deciding which is the best VPN service in India. 

CovermeVPN is the best VPN service in India which will allow you high-speed, secure, private internet browsing. You can get this VPN service with multiple features at a standard price.

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