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The strict censorship laws have decreased internet use freedom in Thailand. The surveillance of internet use in Thailand is high. So, people who seek privacy and access the websites need the best VPN service in Thailand. 

The article is about the best VPN service in Thailand. It considers the security, speed, and unblocking of VPN for streaming services in selecting the best VPN service in Thailand. The article also tries to present you with the reasons for using VPN service. Moreover, you will know what factors you need to consider in selecting the best VPN service in Thailand. 

You may need to use VPN from your PC or mobile phone. Or you may need to use the VPN service on multiple devices at a time. You may become confused what is the best VPN service in Thailand for you. Let’s first try to know the definition of a VPN and how it performs. 

VPN, how it works, and why to use

Do you want to maintain privacy in using the internet? Wanna avoid the threat of attack by hackers? To avoid spying by governments, hackers, any third-party Ad agency, or anyone, you can use a VPN service. For example, you have taken a hotel service in Thailand and there you need to use public wi-fi. In this situation, to secure your connection, you may look for the best VPN service in Thailand. 

VPN works as a tool for providing privacy and anonymity to your internet server. It creates a tunnel between your server to the VPN service. This will help you to use another IP address of your choice instead of your real IP. It will encrypt all of your internet traffic so no one can reach your IP address.  

The foreigners living in Thailand, the VPN is the best choice for accessing different websites blocked in Thailand. There are streaming services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix USA, HBO, and many more streaming services that you can not access from Thailand. If you are an expatriate from the USA, UK, or any other country, you need to use a VPN for accessing these streaming services in Thailand. 

Consideration in selecting a VPN service

In choosing a VPN service that can serve your interest best you need to consider some factors before buying a VPN service. Here, the factors are presented for you. Hope this will help you to choose the best VPN service in Thailand. 


Most probably you are going to use a VPN service for security purposes. Through encryption, a VPN secures your internet uses. It is the job of a VPN service to make it difficult for hackers, ISPS, and even governments to observe your online presence. So, you can safely browse the internet by using a VPN service. It is the best military grade VPN

To provide you with the best security, most VPN services use a 256-bit level of encryption. So, in selecting a VPN service try to use the service that has a better encryption system. 

The logging policy of the VPN service provider is an important factor you need to consider. The VPN service provider may keep your log policy which is also threatening your safe internet activity. There are also many VPN services that provide a no-log policy VPN service. That means they are not keeping your browsing data. CovermeVPN is an example of a VPN service that doesn’t keep the login information of the users. Never buy VPN service from the providers that keep the logging policy of the users. 


Choose the best provider that provides the fastest VPN service. Connecting a VPN can make slow your network than the real direct connection speed. This happens because of the additional server that is included to make your internet browsing safer. You need to also check whether the VPN service is outsourcing the servers or it is maintaining its servers. 

For better speed and security, CovermeVPN uses a military-grade encryption system. It is now where it comes in the market with the promise of the best VPN service for speed and security. So, you can consider CovermeVPN for a good speed of your internet browsing. 

Locations of the servers 

Locations of the servers are the most critical factors you need to consider in selecting a VPN service. Before the selection of the service, check the list of the available servers’ locations and countries. For example, you may need the server location of Indonesia, if the company doesn’t have a server in Indonesia, the VPN service can not be able to solve your problem. CovermeVPN provides more than three hundred and fifty server locations. You may also use a dedicated IP server location from them.  

The ability to unblock streaming services 

Most VPN services demand that they can unblock different streaming services like HBO, Amazon Prime, etc. But in reality, many services fail to unblock these streaming services. If you are going to take a VPN service for enjoying some streaming services. In that situation, if your VPN fails to unblock your desired VPN service, this will not be desirable. So, you must consider the service provider’s reputation in unblocking streaming services. 

Compatibility with different devices

Some PVN services become much slower in PC or mobile use. Based on different devices like Mac, Windows PC, and mobile phones, the speed of the VPN can vary. If you are going to use VPN mainly on a mobile device, consider whether your VPN service has compatibility with your mobile device. 

A user may use iOS, Mac, Android, or any device. So, it is necessary to consider whether the VPN app is available for those devices. Also, consider whether the VPN app could be downloaded on your device. 

Multiple devices simultaneous login 

You may want to play games with friends and families. You may need multi-log-in facilities for the VPN you use. The highest number of devices from a single VPN account that would be used varies from one VPN service to another. Some provide 5 devices with multi-login facilities, some may provide more than this. Considering your need, how many devices do you want to log in from your VPN account? So, based on your purpose, consider which VPN can you best.  


You can buy a VPN service at a very low price. But in buying a VPN service first remember that service quality depends on the price. For premium quality service, you must need to pay premium prices. Only for low prices, don’t buy low-quality services. If you have a budget shortage, consider getting some discounts on special occasions. 

A monthly plan can become costly for you. Most VPN services provide discounts on yearly plans. One thing, don’t stick to one service. Try to consider all available options. Then, select one that best fits your budget. But mine it, don’t be impressed by any lucrative offer. Try to validate the offer whether it is a reasonable offer or not.  

Best VPN service in Thailand 

Is VPN legal in Thailand? Yes, VPN is legal in Thailand. VPN is not illegal in Thailand. The number of VPN services is huge, but the number of quality VPN services is very few. You may find problems in selecting which VPN service is the best VPN service in Thailand. Here, by considering the above-mentioned criteria for choosing a VPN service, CovermeVPN is selected as the best VPN service for you. 

Best features of Coverme VPN

  • No log policy. 
  • Fastest speed.
  • Military-grade encryption. 
  • 5 simultaneous connections. 
  • 350+ server locations in highly demanded countries.  
  • Money-back guarantees for 7 days. 
  • Dedicated IP services along with shared IPs. 
  • Best user-interface. 
  • Guarantees 99.9% customer satisfaction. 

Problems with CovermeVPN

  • It does not cover all of the countries in the world. Available in the following operating systems.
  • Mac
  • PC
  • Android 
  • iOS
  • Linux 

To be safe in this privacy-threatening internet arena, there is no better option than using a VPN. To enjoy streaming services from different places, need to use VPN services. In Thailand, the need of using a VPN is more necessary because of its strict censorship laws for content. Here, CovermeVPN could be your best solution

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