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Are you concerned about the privacy of your internet use? You most probably fail to access certain websites that are geographically blocked. The internet threats are increasing day by day. You most probably know about the VPN service Best VPN service in the UK. Or you may plan to take a VPN service. Or you are a current VPN user who is not satisfied with the current VPN service provider.

Whatever your status, this article will help you to know in detail what a VPN is, how it works, and how a VPN service can benefit you. 

Moreover, you will be able to know the factors needed to consider in selecting a VPN service. You will also be aware of the VPN use trends in the UK. The article will also describe the best VPN service in the UK based on different factors. 

What is a VPN? 

First, the most important question is what is a VPN. From the detailed definition of what a VPN is we will know about how a VPN works. VPN can be defined as a tool that is used mainly for hiding the real IP address of the internet user. 

Virtual Private Network (VPN) works by encrypting the data of internet users. VPN sends the users’ data by using a secured tunnel to the servers of the VPN service providers. Whatever sites you are using, your data is encrypted. So, no one can detect your real IP and can’t track your internet browsing. 

So, finally, a VPN service by allows internet surfing anonymously keeps you safe from hackers, advertisers, the government, or anyone. Along with the privacy issue, there are other reasons for using a VPN service. Let’s explore the reasons why you may need to use a VPN service. 

Is VPN legal in the UK?

Yes, VPN is legal in the UK. You will not face any problems as VPN is not illegal in the UK. The UK government has not taken any strict decision against the use of a VPN service. Now, you get the answer to the question, “Is VPN legal in the Uk?”.   So, try the best VPN service in the UK. You can have a great experience. CovermeVPN is one of the legal VPNs in the UK.

How does VPN help in securing data?

VPN service offers a special server that will help you in filtering and encrypt all of your traffic. A VPN  service usually offers its users thousands of servers across the world. The users can select from these thousands of servers. So, anyone will not be able to see the user’s device IP address while will see only the server’s IP address. 

Why do you need to use VPN?

VPN has a bad reputation. Many people think that VPN use is fishy. Still, there are many valid reasons for using a VPN service. For example, a site can be blocked mistakenly which is important for you. To get access to those important sites, you can take the help of a VPN service.  

Maintain privacy 

Your internet browsing can become a threat to you. Your most confidential and vulnerable data can be transferred to hackers. The government can spy on your internet browsing. 

Third-party advertisers can track your information. Your internet service provider may also get access to your internet browsing. To secure your internet browsing from leaking important confidential information, use a VPN service. 

Save your money 

Now, globalization and the international market allow boundary-less online shopping. But, in doing online shopping, you may incur higher costs than others. Sometimes, in certain locations, some online sites charge higher prices. 

In this case, a VPN service can help you the best. Avoiding this price discrimination by hiding your real IP address will help you to save money. You will be able to make the best deal by using a VPN service regardless of where you are shopping.   

Browse from anywhere 

You most probably love to travel. Or you are traveling anywhere for any necessity. But you need to get access to your University website. Or you may need to get access to the website of the company you work for. 

A VPN can solve the problem when you need to access some content while you are on the move. Whether you are traveling away from your office or university campus, you can get access by using a VPN service. Try to take the VPN service that can fit all devices.  

Encrypt all of your data 

The main task of a VPN service is to encrypt the internet user’s data. Data encryption helps you to be secure in this threatening internet world. You may probably be exposed to certain public wifi. 

It is risky to use public wifi for security. Hackers can easily hack your confidential data. A VPN encrypts the user’s whole internet connection. So, if you are using public wifi, the hackers will not be able to reach you. 

Get access to streaming services 

You are now living in the UK. But you want to enjoy Netflix US. Netflix US is only accessible from locations in the USA. Or imagine you are now traveling to India while wanting to access the BBC iPlayer library.  

What will you do? What is the solution? The VPN can provide you with a solution. You can enjoy these streaming services by using a proxy IP address. VPN will help you to hide your real IP and allow you an IP address in your desired location. 

Play banned games 

The world’s most popular games are getting banned in the UK. Some banned games in the UK are Carmageddon, Manhunt 2, and the Punisher. You can get access to these games by using a VPN service. 

Improve your torrenting experience 

In torrenting to save your privacy, using a VPN service is a wise decision. The encrypted traffic system in VPN ensures that no one is seeing what you are doing. So, using a VPN for torrenting will save you from ISP spying, and hackers. You will also be saved from bandwidth throttling as no one will be able to see your real IP address. 

Trends in using VPN in the UK 

The UK is one of the emerging countries in terms of the number of VPN users. Around 23% of UK people admitted that they are feeling the need to use VPN. These statistics show that UK people are concerned about their privacy. One statistic shows that 44% of internet users in the UK used VPN at a certain point in time. 

Based on gender, men in the UK are higher than women in using VPN services. The age group among the VPN users is higher in age between 16 to 22 years. The income level of the VPN users is middle class. If we consider education, it is seen that 32% of VPN users have post-graduate degrees. In finding the reason for VPN uses in the UK, it is found that unblocking Netflix services is the major cause for many VPN users. The users of VPNs in the UK use different devices. But the highest number of users are using iOS devices. 

How to choose the best VPN service in the UK? 

A VPN service provides a number of benefits. Some factors are presented below to choose the best VPN service in the UK. 

  • Determine the reason why you need to use VPN

A VPN service provides a wide variety of benefits. All the VPNs are not good for all services. Very few VPN services have all-around performances. So, you have to decide which benefit you are seeking from using a VPN service. Based on your purpose, select the best VPN service in the UK in that service area. For example, if you are looking for all-around performance in gaming, torrenting, or streaming services, you must consider taking service from CovermeVPN. 

  • Check the speed of the VPN service

Speed is the major concern for VPN users. Some VPN services have high problems with speed. They can lower your speed to a very minimum. If taking a VPN service lowers your internet browsing speed, you are not probably going to take that VPN service. So, first, check the speed of the VPN service.  

  • Check your device compatibility 

Most VPN service providers demand that they are compatible with all types of devices like Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, etc. But in reality, they fail to be compatible with all of these devices. So, be sure before selecting a VPN service provider that the service is compatible with your device. 

  • Check the capability of unblocking geo-restrictions 

Are you interested in watching geo-restricted content? You should look for services that have a reputation for unblocking geo-restrictions. For example, many VPN services fail in unblocking Netflix’s VPN block. Take service from CovermeVPN, ExpressVPN that keeps high capacity unblocking geo-restrictions. 

  • Be sure the VPN service has coverage on your desired locations 

All VPNs do not have locations and servers in all countries of the world. You must need to consider whether your selected VPN service has servers in your desired locations. For example, you may be looking to get an IP address in the UK, but your VPN provider does not have a server in the UK. So, ultimately your money cost on VPN will go in vain. 

  • Consider your budget

Some VPN services give lucrative offers to make you their customers. Don’t go for these lucrative offers. You may see that some companies are giving money-back guarantees of 45 days. You most probably are taking service not to get money back. Then You are definitely looking for a great VPN service. If you want to get the best VPN service in the UK, you have to keep your budget a little bit higher. 

The best VPN service in the UK 

Here, the best VPN service in the UK is presented for you. The VPN service provider is new in this VPN market. But the company has brought some amazing services. It is promising uncompromising VPN services in terms of speed, privacy, and extended features. 

CovermeVPN is the best VPN service in the UK in many cases. Let’s explore the prominent features of the VPN service. 

  • Fastest speed service. 
  • You can switch as per your preference. There is no limit to server switching.
  • It is a UK-based VPN service provider. 
  • 5 connections at a time. 
  • Doesn’t have a logging policy.
  • Uses different protocols for encryption. 
  • It has  L2TP, IKEV2, SSTP, IPsec, OpenVPN, and L2TP  protocol supports. 
  • Ensures military-grade encryption for the highest level of user security. 
  • You will enjoy great customer support service from CovermeVPN. 
  • Covers wide locations.  
  • More than 3000+ servers. 
  • It will allow you 300000+ shared IPs.
  • You also take the dedicated IP service.
  • Dedicated IPs are available in 6 countries. The countries are the UK, the US, Singapore, Canada, Germany, and Australia. 
  • Compatible with multiple devices such as windows, android, Mac, Linux, iOS, routers, and many more devices. 
  • You can use its chrome extension or in other browsers. 
  • The good user interface will help you to enjoy a hassle-free VPN service. 
  • It gives a customer satisfaction guarantee of 99.9% to 100. 

To enjoy this wide variety of service facilities provided by the best VPN service in the UK, take service from CovermeVPN. 

Final Words

In conclusion, there are many valid reasons why you should consider VPN use. To keep your private information safe and be safe from attacks from hackers consider using a VPN service. You can reach the geo-blocked content. To improve your torrenting experience, use a VPN service. 

There is an abundance of VPN service providers in the UK. All the companies have certain pros and cons in terms of service. CovermeVPN service suppresses most of the cons and has the highest number of benefits. 

So, take service from CovermeVPN to enjoy most of the VPN services. Use VPN service and enjoy the most privacy of your internet surfing.

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