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Best working VPN for China

Are you a citizen of China? Or are you traveling to China? Or you are staying in China for a long time? In China, internet use is not much smooth. It may be frustrating for you. China’s strict internet censorship law will hinder your smooth internet experience. Today’s article is for you. The article is about the best working VPN for China in 2024. 

Best working VPN for China
Best VPN for China

China through its Great Firewall law blocked different sites. The world’s favorite social media platform is blocked in China. The world’s top search engine is blocked in China. You most probably can guess which sites the article is talking about. Yes, they are Facebook and Google. The sites like YouTube and Twitter are also banned in China. The top newspaper site BBC is blocked in China. People from China can not also access the New York Times, US’s top newspaper site. Many other types of sites are blocked in China. 

So, now you may be thinking about using a VPN service. Here, the problem is that all the VPNs don’t work in China. Chinese Great Firewall laws have taken different steps to prevent VPN use. So, the question is which is the best working VPN for China? You may also want to know which one could best VPN for businesses and companies. So, let’s know more about the best working VPN for China. 

The blog will help you to find out the reasons for using VPN in China. And factors need to be considered in choosing the best working VPN for China in 2024. And finally, it will provide you with a review of the best working VPN for China. So, let’s start by knowing about the Chinese laws on VPN use.

Is it legal to use VPN in China? 

The Chinese government officials prohibited those VPNs that do not have government approval. To get the approval of the Chinese government on VPNs, the VPNs have to give the government backdoor access. So, it is also insecure to use a VPN for internet traffic. But the law is not for the general people. It is only applicable to corporations and companies. 

As an individual, you are out of this law. But the people involved in the creation and sale of VPNs without government approval in China have to enjoy prison or fines. The prison can be from 3 days to more than 5 years. But the pacifying news is that the application of the law is not consistent. Moreover, China did not have any official declaration for banning VPN use by its citizens. So, as a foreigner or native Chinese citizen, you can easily use a VPN service.

One thing that is consistent in China is that China gives the threat to ban all VPN services in China. But still, it did not take such type of decision. It neither removes the VPN apps from the app store. There is no record of arresting foreigners for using VPN services in China. So, a foreigner can use a VPN service in China. So, now you have to look for the best working VPN for China for improving your internet experience. 

Reasons for using VPN in China: Best working VPN for China

Whether you are a native citizen of China or a foreigner, you may need to get access to different websites. The reasons are shortly presented for you. 

Avoid government surveillance 

The Chinese government is very strict on the internet behavior of its citizen. Whether you are a foreigner you have to fall under these strict internet regulations. In this case, you may need to avoid government surveillance in China. So, you can try the best working VPN for China – CovermeVPN. 

Use popular social media sites 

Almost all of the most popular social media sites are banned in China. Facebook the number one social media in the world is banned in China. Other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat are banned in China. Even, the world’s top video-sharing platform is banned in China. So, you may need to use these necessary social media sites. The solution for you is that you can use a VPN service to use these sites. 

Unblocking gaming sites  

You may be a game lover. There is a chance that in China your favorite game is blocked. For example, China blocked the Battlefield 4 game by reasoning that the game portrays cultural invasion. If your favorite game is blocked what will you do then? Will you stop playing your favorite game? The answer is no. You can use a VPN service to play your favorite game. So, unblock your different favorite games by using CovermeVPN, the best VPN for unblocking gaming sites. 

Enjoying streaming services 

Suppose you are from the USA. Now you are living in China. You were enjoying a series on Netflix USA in your country. Now in China, you can not reach the streaming service. Even Netflix is not available in China. Whatever country you are from or you are a native citizen of China, you can’t reach the streaming services. If you wanna enjoy streaming services like Netflix in China, you need to use a VPN service. The VPN service is a great solution for natives and expatriates to enable enjoying streaming services. 

Features of the best working VPN for China

How you can choose which VPN service is best working for China? The article will provide you with some factors you can consider. 


In using a VPN service, you may lose your actual internet speed. This happens because VPN use for internet use adds an extra tunnel. Many VPN services provide good services while some others’ speed is worst. Based on the devices, you use a VPN speed can reduce. So, check whether the VPN service maintains good speed on your device or not. 


If your VPN service provider keeps your login information, there involves a risk to your privacy. So, always take service from the provider which doesn’t keep users’ log-in information. CovermeVPN provides no log policy, You can consider taking service from CovermeVPN if you are seeking the highest security of your internet browsing. 


Price is also an important factor in buying a VPN service. Mainly, most VPNs design their services monthly, half-yearly, and yearly. Some may have offerings of 2 years. Based on the time of offering most of the companies provides discounts. Try to buy a yearly plan. 

Money back guarantee

Many companies offer lucrative offers like the money-back guarantee of 40 days. It’s just a policy of attracting new customers. You may not get a money-back guarantee if you wish them. They can provide you with certain conditions. Always try to buy services by seeing reasonable offerings. You are most probably buying a service for not getting the money back. You are buying the service for the quality of the services. So

Website unblocking capacity

Last but one of the most important factors in choosing a VPN service is its capability of unblocking different websites. In China, you may probably use a VPN service to use different blocked websites. If you can not access those sites, there is no point in using that VPN service. So, choose the best VPN service that has the capacity of unblocking different streaming services or any other site. In terms of unblocking streaming services, the best working VPN for China is CovermeVPN.  

Device compatibility 

Some VPNs works slowly on mobile phone whereas some work low on PC. But, there are VPN services that are an all-rounder in VPN services. First, think about what devices are you going to use for the VPN service. Based on your device, check whether the VPN performs well on that device or not. 

Payment method 

Consider whether the company is selling services in your desired payment methods or not. In buying and renewing, an easier payment method is important. CovermeVPN provides the most common payment methods for its customers. The payment methods are Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cryptocurrency, etc. 

Trust CovermeVPN in China: Best working VPN for China

Best working VPN for China
Best working VPN for China

Undoubtedly CovermeVPN is the best working VPN for China. Now, the question is why will you consider CovermeVPN as the best and why will you buy service from CovermeVPN? It is an emerging VPN service provider company based in the UK. For the fastest speed, security, and unblocking streaming services, you can consider CovermeVPN. The major features of the CovermeVPN service are here for you. 

The main feature of the CovermeVPN service 

  • UK-based VPN service. 
  • It ensures the fastest speed. 
  • Unlimited server switching opportunity. 
  • Five simultaneous connections.  
  • No log policy. So, you are safe in using CovermeVPN. 
  • The military-grade encryption ensures the highest level of user security. 
  • L2TP, IKEV2, SSTP, OpenVPN, IPsec, etc. protocols are used to support. 
  • Provides great customer service by a customer service team. 
  • It covers many countries.
  • The location coverage is more than 350.   
  • Have more than 30000 servers. 
  • Has 3 lakh plus shared IPs. 
  • You can enjoy dedicated IP here which covers 6 country locations. 
  • The 6 countries are the UK, the US, Singapore, Canada, Australia, and Germany
  • Compatibility with different devices. It can easily be compatible with Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, routers, and other devices.  
  • Different browser extensions are available for users.  
  • The app interface is good for easy navigation.  
  • It gives the guarantee of 99.9% customer satisfaction. 

You can enjoy these features by using the best working VPN for China. Along with the benefits the VPN service has a few problems like it does not cover all of the countries in the world. But the company is expanding its server locations. 

Now, you know how to choose the best working VPN for China. You also know how a VPN service can benefit you in many areas. Now you also have the idea to solve your privacy problem with the VPN service. So, for making your internet journey safe and enjoyable in China use the best VPN working VPN service for China. Among the lots of VPN services, secure the best service provider for you. You can try CovermeVPN for you and get the best VPN service.

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