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Linux Open VPN

How to setup OpenVPN on Ubuntu Step 01. Download the covermevpn’s configuration files that is applicable to your subscription as below links: Dynamic VPN Configuration file. For Dedicated VPN unique IP has been sent to you with VPN account

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Linux SSTP

Setup VPN SSTP on Linux Ubuntu Part 01: Download and Install required packages Visit and download following packages as per your OS / bit. For Ubuntu 32bit download: libsstp-client0_1.0.9_i386.deb sstp-client_1.0.9_i386.deb sstp/0.9.4-1/ network-manager-sstp_0.9.4-0ubuntu2_i386.deb network-manager-sstp-gnome_0.9.4-0ubuntu2_i386.deb For Ubuntu 64bit download: libsstp-client0_1.0.9_amd64.deb

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Linux PPTP

Ubuntu PPTP Setup Step 01. Point your cursor to the ‘Network Manager Indicator’ icon, located in the ‘Notification Area’ on the default desktop panel, in the upper-right corner. Click this icon, and mouse over the ‘VPN Connections’ item

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Mirai Botnet Attack

Mirai Botnet Attack – What is it? How its work? How to be safe from it?

Did you know that there’s a virus called the Mirai botnet that looks for unprotected smart devices on the internet? Table of Contents The Mirai botnet basically looks for smart devices that are not protected, takes control of

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Best VPN for BBC iPlayer

Best VPN for BBC iPlayer in 2024

BBC iPlayer VPN Watch BBC iPlayer from anywhere with a VPN. The best VPN for BBC iPlayer lets you securely stream your favorite content from anywhere worldwide without buffering or location restrictions. Watch BBC iPlayer Channels regardless of

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday VPN Deals in 2023

Protect Your Digital World 24/7 Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday VPN Deals Make the most of your Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping with CoverMeVPN. Get up to 60% off on a 24-month package. Enjoy a year

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Setup a VPN on Router

How to Setup a VPN on Router?

Do you want your VPN to cover enough devices with one subscription like WiFi? Do you want to use your VPN on smart TV but don’t know how? Do you want to block your ISP from monitoring your

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Cheapest VPN Reddit

Cheapest VPN Reddit for Online Security and Anonymity

Cheapest VPN Reddit If you are looking for a budget-friendly VPN service, you are in the right place. This article is about the best Cheapest VPN Reddit. CovermeVPN is a VPN service that charges lower prices for quality

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Best Dominican Republic VPN

Best Dominican Republic VPN to Safeguard Online Activities

The use of VPNs is increasing worldwide. VPN use serves different purposes. The main use of a VPN is to provide security and privacy to its users. Hacking and other cyber attacks are increasing. Keeping your online journey

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