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Germany is a country where you may not have faced many strict internet censorship laws. Still, you can not be able to enjoy some streaming services in Germany. The geo-blocks are the major reasons for not availability of all streaming services in Germany. Moreover, think about your personal privacy on the internet medium. Here,  the government is surveilling your internet footprint. After knowing the fact that VPN can save you from government surveillance you must be looking for the best VPN for Germany. 

Not only the governments, but hackers can also hack all of your confidential information. The hackers can track your internet traffic. So, VPN can be the ultimate solution provider to help you be secure in the internet arena. 

However many people living in Germany already are depending highly only VPNs. But, the inconsistent service from the VPN provider is very depressing. There if you are a VPN user, you must look for the best VPN for Germany. Now may be thinking is it legal to use a VPN in Germany? The article will provide you with the detailed legal status of VPN use in Germany. You will also know why you need to use a VPN service in Germany. From the article, you will know how a VPN service can protect you from internet cyber attacks. 

What is a VPN? 

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. People use a VPN mainly for the security of internet traffic. It is mainly a tool that uses an encryption system for data encryption of the user. The VPN service provides a new server that hides the real IP of the users. 

So, users become safe from tracking by others on the internet area. For the encryption of the users’ data, the VPN service provider uses different protocols. For example, CovermeVPN uses IKEV2/L2TP/OVPN/IPSEC Protocols for the highest level of security. 

If you are a person who thinks your security is the best thing you need to consider in the internet world, you need to use a VPN service. You must be thinking of using the best VPN for Germany. 

Is VPN legal in Germany? 

Now, the question arises is a VPN legal in Germany? One of the most populated countries in the European Union is Germany. The country has a population of 83 million. Among the 83 million people, there are 79 million people who are internet users. So, imagine how is the percentage of internet users in Germany. 

People of Germany are more tending toward using a VPN service for the highest level of security. Are you concerned about the legal status of using a VPN service in Germany? So, be confirmed that using a VPN service is not illegal in Germany. For your personal or company needs, you can use a VPN service. There is no need for government permission for using a VPN service in Germany. 

No legislation prevails in Germany hindering the right of using a VPN service in Germany. You are safe in Germany by using a VPN service. Whether you are a foreigner or a native German, you must not to concern about your VPN use. 

But doing any illegal work by using a VPN service is under the legislation of the German government. For any crime on the internet, you will be punished according to the prevailing law of the government. So, using a VPN for an honest purpose will not require you to face any legal aspects. 

But, accessing the websites that are not available in Germany may cause some trouble for you. It is maybe because of downloading any copyrighted content from those sites. For example, when Netflix is showing a TV show only in the USA where it is licensed, if you watch the show by using a VPN service, you may face legal issues. 

There is no record that the German government fines or prisons anyone for usign a VPN service for enjoying the streaming service. So, you can use the service, still, you need to be cautious in using a VPN service for any illegal purpose. 

Why use a VPN service in Germany

  • For privacy in public Wi-Fi: You may need to use public Wi-Fi at a coffee shop. But using Wi-Fi may be dangerous for you. Your private information can be hacked there. So, considering using a VPN will help you to be safe in Germany while using public Wi-Fi. 
  • For avoiding government surveillance: If you are a politician, a business person, a citizen of Germany, or a foreigner, the German government may observe your internet connection.   
  • Enjoy geo-restricted streaming services: Living in Germany, are you interested in enjoying Netflix US? You can use a VPN service for the geo-restrictions unblocking.  
  • Increase your torrenting experience: In torrenting time, for downloading, and watching your desired content, you can use a VPN service. 

What factors to consider to choose the best VPN for Germany? 

The thing is that you need to consider some facts before choosing the best VPN for Germany. You can consider the following facts in deciding which is the best VPN for Germany. 

Used Protocols: For security  

The protocols are mainly the things that determine how the data is transmitted through a connection. Different VPNs have different features and benefits. The best VPN for Germany CovermeVPN had the most secured protocols such as IKEV2, L2TP, OVPN, and IPSEC protocols for ensuring the highest level of customer safety. So, you should consider whether your VPN service provider has the best protocols for keeping you safe and making your internet journey tensionless. 


Speed is another important thing that you need to consider in choosing the best VPN for Germany. Germans are very careful by nature. They want everything smooth. If you are a German or foreigner living in Germany, most probably you are using a VPN service or just looking for a safe VPN service. You can check the speed of your VPN service by using By checking you can know what VPN is for you in Germany. 

Simultaneous Log in 

CovermeVPN is offering a VPN service where you can get 5 simultaneous connections. So, you can consider using covermeVPN at the best price. 


Price is also critical for VPN users. Most of the companies mainly provide offers for monthly, half-yearly, and yearly. To get a big discount, you must consider buying a yearly plan. Never buy a VPN service that is offering a VPN service at a very low price. The low-price VPN can deteriorate your internet experience by creating hassle and leak of privacy of you. 

Log in Policy

Please, be confirm the agreements and disclaimer before buying a VPN service from any provider. Buy the service from a company that keeps no log information of the users. Never agree on the terms of keeping log information only for low prices. You can consider CovermeVPN which is providing the guarantee of no log policy for the users.   

User Interface 

The user interface is critical because it will help you to find your preferred location server. It will facilitate you in using the VPN while getting the most VPN use experience. It will save you time. So, consider using a VPN service that will save you from cybercrime in the internet area. 

Put trust in CovermeVPN: The best VPN for Germany 

The best VPN for Germany is CovermeVPN. Why is ConvermeVPN considered the best VPN for Germany? 

CovermeVPN with many best features of the best VPN service is serving the customers. It has L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP, IPsec, IKEV2 protocols, etc. to ensure the highest secured encryption system for the users. 

It is a UK-based VPN service provider whose headquarter is located in London. With many features, CovermeVPN is the best VPN for Germany compared with the competitors. 

The major features of the best VPN service in Germany are as follows. 

  • The privacy policy is clearly declared.  
  • No logging information of the users. 
  • Fastest speed.
  • Unlimited server-changing opportunity.
  • Five simultaneous connections as of now. 
  • Military-grade encryption will allow you the highest level of safety.   
  • Offers three thousand plus servers. 
  • No restrictions. 
  • No-fuss VPN service. 
  • Unlimited bandwidth. 
  • A good acceptable interface. 
  • It charges a reasonable price. 
  • Suitable for any devices like PC, mobile, tab, and other devices.
  • Wide variety of payment options such as Paypal, apple pay, google pay, cryptocurrency payment method, etc. as of now.
  • Best for torrenting, gaming, live streaming, etc. 
  • Best VPN for best service. 

The pros of CovermeVPN 

  • Fasted VPN service. 
  • Military-grade data encryption system for the highest security. 
  • Dedicated IP service. 

The cons of CovermeVPN 

  • Compared with some VPN service providers, CovermeVPN has limited country coverage. 

You need not worry about whether to use a VPN service in Germany or not. Whether it is legal or not? There are valid reasons for using a VPN service in Germany. If you are looking for the best VPN for Germany, you must consider using CovermeVPN. 

If you are a privacy seeker person, you need not compromise your security. You must go with CovermeVPN. It will provide you good torrenting experience if you are a torrent. Avoid government surveillance in Germany if you are a native German or a foreigner, by using the best VPN for Germany. 

CovermeVPN provides the guarantee of 100% security in using the VPN. The VPN service provider’s main concern is to provide the user with the highest level of internet security. So, pick the best VPN for Germany and be safe in Germany in using the internet. 


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