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We all are well-known for the present situation in Sri Lanka. The country is now going through an unstable situation. The instability in politics, economics, and society is at its highest peak. The Sri Lanka government even has a record of banning major communication platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp in the country. Now, you may be thinking of where I will get the best VPN for Sri Lanka.

The turmoil situation in Sri Lanka is requiring more people to use VPN services. A report on internet use freedom in Sri Lanka has published that Sri Lanka scored 51 in 100. Where 100 is the freest and 0 is the least free country in internet freedom. So, you now understand why you need to use a VPN service in Sri Lanka. 

If you are outside of Sri Lanka, you may need to have a server location in Sri Lanka. Because there are many websites in Sri Lanka that are geographically restricted. For example, Sri Lankan streaming services such as  Dish TV, City Cable, Dialog TV, etc. are geographically restricted services. Moreover, some banking, sporting, and gaming sites in Sri Lanka are geographically restricted. So, to get access to those sites, you just need to get a server location in Sri Lanka. 

 Yes, it’s difficult to choose the best VPN for Sri Lanka as there are thousands of options available. And it is tough which one provides greater service and which one does not.

So, let’s know about the best VPN for Sri Lanka. We will also look at the legal status of VPN use in Sri Lanka. We will know the answer to the question is VPN legal in Sri Lanka? Moreover, we will explore some frequently asked questions about the VPN in this article. 

Best VPN for Sri Lanka
Best VPN for Sri Lanka

Is VPN legal in Sri Lanka? 

Yes, VPN is legal in Sri Lanka. You can use VPN in Sri Lanka for accessing different blocked sites and maintaining your privacy. Here, you will not face any restrictions on the use of a VPN in Sri Lanka. 

Is VPN illegal in Sri Lanka? The answer is known to you now. Use the best VPN for Sri Lanka that is reliable and trusted. Although VPN use is legal in Sri Lanka, it does not mean that you can use VPN for illegal purposes. You must be careful in using a VPN service in Sri Lanka and all other countries. 

You must avoid using a VPN service for illegal purposes. A good motive for using a VPN service will keep you safe and secure in the internet area. The best VPN for Sri Lanka – CovermeVPN does not encourage any illegal activities by using their service. 

Use CovermeVPN inside and outside Sri Lanka for making your internet journey safe. For the fastest speed, and best security, CovermeVPN is the best option. We will explore the best VPN for Sri Lanka in the later part. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about VPN? 

What is a VPN? 

Virtual Private Network by its name implies its meaning. VPN can be referred to as a tool that is used for safeguarding a user in the internet medium. An encrypted tunnel is created for the users so that their internet use data can not be extracted. VPN is for you if you are a privacy seeker. For example, by using a VPN you can browse the internet by using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. The other uses of a VPN service will present to you in the later part of the article.  

How does a VPN work? 

The major job of a VPN service is to create a secure path between you and the internet. The path is secured in this way so that no one can extract the data if they wish. When you are using a VPN service, your internet traffic is transmitted through an encrypted tunnel. This hides your IP address while replacing your IP address with another one. So, no one can reach out if they want. That’s why people use VPN services, as it makes the users invisible to everyone. For example, CovermeVPN has protocols such as IPSEC, OVPN, and IKEV2 for providing a secure encryption system for its users.  

Is VPN use safe? 

Yes, using a VPN is safe unless and until you are using an unreliable VPN. Try the CovermeVPN service if you want to be safe in using a VPN service. Don’t make the mistake of using an unreliable VPN service or a free VPN service. It will hamper your safety online by keeping your data stored. Before using a VPN service must read its terms and policies. Use the service that has a zero-log policy. CovermeVPN has a zero-log policy. 

Is VPN illegal? 

VPN is not illegal. In some countries, there are some restrictions on VPN use. But there are not many applications with strict regulations on VPN use. So, using a VPN service for a valid purpose will not require you to face any legal action. Don’t worry about the legal status of VPN use. Use the most secured and safe VPN across the world which will make your internet footprint secure and safe.  

Why should you use a VPN? 

You already know why you need to use a VPN service. Here we will explore different reasonable reasons for using a VPN service. 

Privacy and security

Use public Wi-Fi safely by using a VPN. No one will be able to track your internet traffic if you use a VPN service. So, be safe from governments, hackers, advertisers, or any snoopers. The best military grade VPN will keep you completely safe and secure. 

Savvy online shopping 

Different e-commerce sites charge different prices based on geographic locations. Use a VPN service and change your location to enjoy the best-reduced price in online shopping.

Streaming services 

Are you a serious lover? Do you want to enjoy HBO, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix US while staying in Sri Lanka? Yes, you can enjoy different streaming services while staying in a geo-restricted area. Use a VPN service and take your preferred server location and unblock geo-restrictions. 

Play and share games 

Playing games with friends and families may be your favorite leisure time. Play your favorite game with the best VPN service. CovermeVPN gives 5 simultaneous logins. So, you can play by sharing your VPN account with others. Try the best VPN for Sri Lanka and play your favorite game and enjoy your leisure time. 

Unblock popularly social media sites 

Are you interested in using Facebook while staying in China? It’s not possible to use Facebook by having a server location in China. You must change your location if you want to use Facebook in China. So, use the best working VPN for China for enjoying the popular social media channels. Like this, you can use any social media platform if you wish by using a VPN service. 

Remote work 

Remote work is now popular across the world. But how will you keep your company’s files and data safe while using an unsecured connection? To make the connection secure, use the best-secured VPN service. If your office has multiple offices where you need to get access, use a VPN, it will create a single network for all offices. So, making the remote work smooth and secure, you have the best VPN service. 

For professional field

A VPN is a great option for people who are in the IT professional field. For example, a VPN helps a digital marketer in hiding the IP address for different areas. It can help the digital marketer to hide the marketing activities from the competitors. 

Trust CovermeVPN – The best VPN for Sri Lanka 

Fastest Speed: Best VPN for Sri Lanka  

Maintaining the actual internet speed is tough in using a VPN service. This happens because VPN used for the internet adds an extra tunnel. Many VPN services provide good services while some others’ speed is very bad. Based on the device you use, can reduce your speed if the VPN is not compatible with the device. So, check whether the VPN service maintains good speed on your device or not. CovermeVPN has multiple device compatibility and it works while maintaining its good speed. 

Most secured 

If your VPN service provider keeps your login information, there is a risk to your privacy. The service provider can give backdoor access to the government or any third party. It can sell those data also. So, always take service from the provider which doesn’t keep users’ log-in information. CovermeVPN provides a zero log policy. CovermeVPN will be your best choice if you are seeking the highest security for your internet browsing. 

Reasonable Price 

Price varies based on the quality of service. Mainly, most VPNs design their services monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly. Some may have offerings of 2 years. Based on the time of offering most of the companies provide discounts. Try to buy a yearly plan to save money. CovermeVPN has offerings monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly. 

Money back guarantee

Many companies offer lucrative offers like the money-back guarantee of 40 days. It’s just a policy of attracting new customers. You may not get a money-back guarantee if you wish from them. They can provide you with certain conditions. Always try to buy services by seeing reasonable offerings. You are most probably buying service for not getting the money back. You are buying the service for the quality of the services. CovermeVPN provides a 7-day money-back guarantee which is much more reasonable. So, try CovermeVPN for the best quality services at reasonable prices. 

Website unblocking capacity

All VPN services do not have the capability of unblocking different websites. In Sri Lanka, there are hundreds of VPNs serving you. But you will find most of them are not reliable in unblocking geo-restrictions. CovermeVPN is a good option for unblocking geo-restrictions. 

Device compatibility 

Some VPNs work slowly on mobile phones whereas some work low on PCs. But, there are VPN services that are an all-rounder in VPN services. First, think about what devices you are going to use for the VPN service. Based on your device, check whether the VPN performs well on that device or not. CovermeVPN has compatibility with multiple devices like phones, desktops, and laptops. You can use it through a browser extension or by using its app.  

Payment method 

Consider whether the company is selling services in your desired payment methods or not. In buying and renewing, an easier payment method is important. CovermeVPN provides the most common payment methods for its customers. The payment methods are Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cryptocurrency, etc. 

Moreover, CovermeVPN provides 5 simultaneous connections. The customers have the option of using a dedicated IP address. The wide coverage and reliable customer service will give you the best experience in using the VPN. The CovermeVPN app is available in the Google Play store and Apple store. 

So, finally, use the best VPN for Sri Lanka. Use your own justification and try to check the reviews of the VPN service before buying the service. VPN use is legal in Sri Lanka. Choose the best VPN for Sri Lanka and make your safe internet journey in Sri Lanka


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