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Working VPN for UAE

If you are now in the UAE, you must know why you need to use a working VPN for UAE. The strict censorship law in the UAE encourages people to use a VPN service. There is a huge number of websites that are blocked in the UAE.  

In UAE, you will not be able to use WhatsApp, Skype, etc. in UAE. To enjoy streaming services like US Netflix, and BBC iPlayer, you must need to use a VPN service. For this reason, people living in the UAE need to look for the best VPN working for UAE in 2024. 

Best VPN for UAE
Best VPN for UAE

There are a huge number of VPNs in the UAE. But all are not reliable. There are very few VPNs that are best working for UAE in 2024. In this article, you will know the reasons for using a VPN service in the UAE. Again you will get an idea about whether a VPN is legal or illegal in the UAE in very short details. Later you will get to know about the best working VPN for UAE in 2024. 

VPN service 

A VPN is used as a tool for securing the user’s internet use. It creates a tunnel between the user’s server and the VPN service provider’s server which transmits encrypted data. So, a user becomes secure in this system. Use a VPN service for making yourself safe on the internet medium. 

In UAE, there is a long history of using VPN services. Many years ago, the people of the UAE habituated to using a VPN service. But, finding the best working VPN for UAE is quite tough as there are many VPN service providers. Many of the provide lucrative offers and customers become cheated by taking service from them. So, the article will help you in finding the best VPN working for UAE in 2024.  

Is VPN legal or illegal in UAE?

UAE for reducing cybercrime has taken many steps. People of the UAE became scared of changing one of their Cyber Crime laws thinking about whether the law has imposed restrictions on using a VPN service. It is not true. Let’s go to know the changes in the law. 

One of the biggest steps is changing Federal Law No. 12 where change was made in article 1. The Law changes as follows where Article 9 of the Cyber Crime Law has been replaced. The change is as follows:

“|A punishment of temporary imprisonment and a fine not less than AED 500000 and not more than AED 200000, or either of these two penalties, shall be imposed on whoever uses a fraudulent computer network protocol address by using a false address or a third-party address or by any other means for the purpose of committing a crime or preventing its discovery” 

The equivalent law in the Cyber Crime Law is given below that was issued in 2012. 

Any person that circumvents the protocol address of the internet by using a delusive address or an address belonging to others or by any other means for the purpose of committing a crime or preventing its discovery shall be punished by imprisonment and a fine, not less than (AED 150.000) and not exceeding (AED 500.000) or by any of these punishments.  

The major change is the rise of fines. Many people think maybe UAE banned using a VPN service. Is the actual scenario clear to you? The actual scenario is that using a VPN service is not illegal. It will be illegal if you use the VPN service for any crime. Unless and until you are using the VPN service for legal purposes, you need not worry about legal issues in the UAE. You should just focus on finding the best working VPN for UAE in 2024

So, now you are clear that using a VPN service in UAE is not illegal. You must not worry about its legal issues as you are using it for any necessary and legal purpose. The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of the UAE has issued an announcement where it clarifies that using a VPN service by corporations, companies, banks, or any organization for any internal networking via the internet is not illegal. 

But for committing any crime if you change your protocols you must have to face legal issues if the government finds you doing a crime. So, don’t try to manipulate your IP address for any illegal purpose, and be safe from the legal issues of the UAE government. 

Why do you need to use a  working VPN for UAE? 

In many foreign TV series, content is not allowed in the UAE. If you are a foreigner you want to enjoy those services. In this case, a VPN is the solution for you. You need to use the VPN service while also need to be sure you are going to get the best working VPN for UAE. Because the quality of services of the VPNs is not much improved in the UAE. So, let’s first try to know about the reasons for using a VPN service in the UAE. 

Unblocks geo-restrictions: Best VPN for UAE 

Imagine you are an American and you daily enjoy US Netflix. But now need to travel to the UAE for a business trip. Will stop watching your favorite show on US Netflix? Definitely, the answer is no. It’s just a matter of using the best working VPN in the UAE for unblocking this type of geo-blocked streaming service. In UAE, you can’t use WhatsApp. But WhatsApp is very popular across the world for messaging. You may need to use the service whether you are a foreigner or a native person in the UAE.   

For remote work 

For the safety of your office files, you need to use a working VPN for UAE. There are many types of VPNs in which remote access VPN is used for a single network accessed by a single user. But, by using a site-to-site VPN, you are going to get access to different locations at a single connection. 

Avoid government spying  

The government of the UAE can spy on your internet use. To avoid spying on your company, you must consider using a VPN service that gives the highest security. For example, you can consider using CovermeVPN,  the best VPN working for UAE. 

Let’s explore the best working VPN for UAE. 

The major features of the best working VPN are given below for you. 

Major features of CovermeVPN: Best VPN for UAE  

  • Fastest speed. 
  • Unlimited server switching option. It is a great opportunity for you, you can easily change your server in CovermeVPN. 
  • 5 simultaneous connections are available for you. 
  • No log policy. So, you are safe here in using CovermeVPN.  
  • It has L2TP, IKEV2, SSTP, OpenVPN, and IPsec protocols. 
  • The military-grade encryption ensures the highest level of service. 
  •  Great customer support for any needs during business hours. 
  • The number of countries covered is very impressive. It has covered more than 140+ countries coverage. 
  • It has 300000+ shared IPs for the users.  
  • The dedicated IP service is also available for customers.  
  • In 6 well-known countries, you can get your own IP address. UK, US, Singapore, Canada, Germany, and Australia are the 6 countries for dedicated IPs. 
  • It is compatible with multiple devices such as Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, routers, and many more devices. So, you can use devices of your preference. 
  • Its browser extensions are available. You can use it in any preferred browser. 
  • The user-friendly interface will help you to enjoy a hassle-free VPN service
  • It gives a guarantee of 99.9% customer satisfaction.


Shared dedicated IP prices 

  • 9.98 Euro for a month’s subscription. 
  • 3 Months 23 Euro and you can save 21% save. 
  • 6 months 36 Euro and you can save 40%.  
  • 12 months for 59.88 Euro, and you can save 50%.  

So, from knowing about the CovermeVPN service features, you can understand why CovermeVPN is the best working VPN for UAE. It’s always a better option to buy a yearly plan if you are taking a VPN service because it will help you get a great discount.   

Finally, you need not worry about the legal aspects of using a VPN service. You can have many valid reasons for using a VPN service. Now, you know why CovermeVPN is the best working VPN for UAE. So, for the best service at a reasonable price, use the VPN service. 


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